X Factor 2012 - Live Shows week 1, surely the best results show ever?!!

So it was down to Rylan (the most entertaining act in the contest) vs Carolyn, who could bore paint into drying. I know who I was rooting for, but was worried that the judges might go for the better singer. Rylan was dreadful, but he had come dressed as Skeletor and for that reason alone deserved to go through. Carolyn sang one note and I practically fell into a coma...

The deciding vote rested with Louis, who I have decided is a comedy genius masquerading as a bumbling eejit. Louis chose the boring country woman and then clearly got told off so 'changed his mind'. Gary, the dementor, stormed off as Louis kept the fun act in. Rylan, the Emperor of over reaction, had his now customary melt down. I love X factor!!!!

Not this week's meltdown, but not dissimilar!

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