Romanzo Criminale - Must see TV

Not sure when the Killing 2 is supposed to start – we were promised it in ‘the Autumn’. It’s Autumn now, where is it? Anyway, in order to stave of my Killing ‘Cold Turky’, Sky Arts have kindly started screening the brilliant Romanzo Criminale. Set in Rome in the 70’s (though apparently it runs through to the early 90s), it’s based on La Banda della Magliana, who were a gang of what were essentially criminal street kids, who took over Rome, Mafia style. 

It is set against the backdrop of student demos and the Red Brigades who tried to destabilise Italy in the 70's/80's and is brutally honest about the country’s criminal past. The political and social tension at the time appears to have had the focus of the authorities, which would explain, in part, how they got away with it. It’s very violent, so not for the squeamish, but it's also incredibly well written, shot and acted. The main characters are very believable and given they are basically, violent thugs, actually quite likeable. It is also, at times, surprisingly funny and the attention to detail, including: the 70’s outfits; comedy moustaches; and cars is amazing. Its on Tuesdays at 9pm (Sky Arts) and the first 3 episodes have screened, but you can catch them on Sky Player/Anywhere. Yes, it's subtitled, but don't let that deter you, its definitely one to watch.

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