An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List episode 1

So the much anticipated (in my household anyway. Ok, not my entire household…. OK, if I’m honest just by me as (a) I loved, loved, loved the first series - I will be watching it ad infinitum (b) Entourage is over….) ‘Idiot Abroad 2’ or to give it it’s formal title “An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List’ started on Friday. The inaugural episode saw Karl presented with a list of the one hundred most popular things that people want to do before they die and asked to choose what he’d be interested in. As expected, Ricky and Stephen force him down a path that suits their ends – neither of them are any less irritating this series btw and that goes double for Gervais….

Episode one saw Karl choosing to spend a night on a desert Island alone and Ricky and Stephen tacking on a few extras, for the general amusement of themselves and the viewer. This included: bungee jumping The Happiest Place on Earth – the island of Vanuatu, which is the birthplace of the bungee; Preceded by a standard bungee jump, somewhere in New Zealand which Karl (wisely in my book) refused to do.

In Vanuatu, he got a chance to rectify that by jumping of a large construction (put together by the locals) made of branches, with a bungee cord wrapped around his ankles and landing in mud. He only managed to jump off of the children’s ledge, 5ft off of the ground, but the locals seemed pleased….

He is then transported to a volcanic Island where then locals, who for some bizarre reason, worship Prince Phillip (yup the mildly racist husband of the Queen. Actually, is it possible to me ‘mildly’ racist?) On the Island he dances a traditional dance, which obviously involves him dressing up in a grass skirt. He complains of having taken advice from a cabbage”, which was “mildly funny and he ass boarded down the volcano, which wasn’t funny. Finally he builds his own shelter from twig and leaves and gaffer tap, whilst being pelted by torrential rain on the Dessert Island that he had originally wanted to spend the night alone on. Suffice to say, it wasn’t quite the experience he had expected...

Karl wasn’t the only one disappointed, the first episode just wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. I’m not writing it off yet though as, despite everything, Karl was his usual engaging self. Roll on next week (sort of...)