The Apprentice - So she has actually met Desmond Tutu....

I, like most people, was sceptical of Melody's claim's to have “been trained by 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners including Desmond Tutu and Al Gore and they were extremely influential“. Put in mind as I was of Stuart Baggs’ wild claim that he owned a ‘licensed telecommunications company’, that wasn't in reality actually a licensed telecommunications company at all. (I think he owned a mobile phone, or maybe he sold a couple once). It does appear though, the she has at least met these people…..

Check out Melody's website : http://www.melodyhossaini.com/ looks pretty impressive...


A couple of my favourite 'arty' blogs

Something Clever I just love her quirky sketches. Here's a recent one that struck a chord, as I know exactly how that feels...

Dark Days

Kristen and Kayla - a photo journal of 2 sisters. This proud Dad takes the most fantastic pics of his girls. It does help that they're super cute, but his ideas are terrific.

Mom always said never to ride bikes in the house

The Apprentice - Episode 7 and it's official, Darth Jim is invincible

Finally got around to watching Episode 7 of The Apprentice and based on the outcome of the episode, I have concluded definitively that Darth Jim is invincible. The high point of the episode had to be Nick’s increasing horror as team Venture proceeded to patronize and insult a significant section of our society, the over 60’s. More on that later…. 

So this week the candidates were tasked with creating a new free magazine and generate revenue from the sale of advertising space. Team leaders were Jim, who was moved over to Venture and traded for Leon who went to Logic, lead by the hideous Natasha. The candidates had been transported to Fleet Street, the seat of the newspaper industry…30 years ago… to receive that news. That in my mind said it all really….
The Candidates arrive at Fleet Street
The team brainstorm was preceded by Helen pointing out that whatever concept they went for, they should ensure they appealed to the "advertisers target market. Forget everyone else…forget what we’d be interested in reading…That should be the focus.” The fact that it sounded like a sensible strategy and that Inspector Gadget agreed, meant it was a strategy doomed for the scrapheap.


An Idiot Abroad is coming back - I am beyond excited!!!

I don't know when exactly, but it seems like it will be in the Autumn. It's called "An Idiot Abroad 2 - The Bucket List". The premise being that Karl does things that people would like to do before they die. He has already started amusing me and the series isn't even out yet!

"I don't get the concept of.." doing things before you die, "...say if you're dying are you in the mood to do anything?"

Equally, the concept of a last meal if you're on death row is a puzzle to him,"the last thing that would be on my mind is a pudding." (Fair point though!)

It appears that the series is currently being filmed, with Ricky Gervais commenting on his blog in April: “Karl got back from Alaska today. It was the first trip of An Idiot Abroad 2 : The Bucket List. He's not happy. It's not what he expected at all. Still too late now. He signed the contract and cashed the cheque....Why did he trust us again? I have the angriest message saved on my phone. Really. He's so angry, and sick and tired that... it's hilarious.” Angry message in question below - lots of swearing in it, so be warned...


OK, America really Does have Talent!!

Love these babies!! "I'm a little G and the G's for Genius"

And this guy is amazing too


The Apprentice - Not 'every dog has his day' (sorry couldn't resist..)

So tonight was the much anticipated (by me anyway), advertising task, where the teams have to create a product and an associated marketing campaign.  This year product was pet food. This is the task that in the past has bought us gems such as Pantsman - Was he to be knocked off of his perch as the most ridiculous (and thus funny) product ever? Sadly no. Whilst they did make a bit of a dog's dinner of the whole thing (thought I’d get that out of the way early), it was dull, dull dull…

The episode started well with Glen ‘sans’ shirt, but was quickly ruined by Inspector Gadget’s (aka Tom) bright blue pants. The same pants as last week - not lucky, clearly, as he lost whilst wearing them…LudAllen informed the candidates that they had to “come up with an innovative product”, so basically, both teams were doomed. 

LudAllen decided to increase the comedy potential by putting Vince/Mickey, who declared that his “confidence and charisma can overpower certain people”, in charge of Logic. Glen was put in charge of Venture and I was instantly convinced of his imminent demise when he declared himself to be a 'designer'. Apparently, he does this sort of stuff everyday and is happiest when coming up with innovative products. That sort of statement is usually the Apprentice sign-posting who'll be in the boardroom at the end of the show. There was, however, light at the end of the tunnel for Glen as he was up against the incompetent Vince/Mickey....


The Apprentice - I know it's for a good cause but....

...I am still finding it difficult to understand how Cosmo felt this was justified. The image of Bagg's bottom is now seared into my memory - needless to say, it's not a pleasant image. I may never sleep again... I suppose he gets a couple of Brownie points for being a good sport?

The Apprentice - I suspect the Candidates will make a bit of a Dog's breakfast out of tonights task...

(Sorry, I couldn't resist it!) Tonight's episode apparently has the candidates making Pet food (Dog and Cat food) and creating the related marketing campaign. Cue plenty of mayhem and my personal favourite, the making of the (traditionally very bad) commercial. Please let there be a character to rival 'Pantmans'

The episode shows promise in any event...!