The Killing (Spoiler alert) - Well I got that wrong didn't I?!

**Spoiler alert** 
**Spoiler alert**

After 10 weeks of suspecting everyone, bar the new puppy that turned up in the last episode, we discover who did it. To be honest, it was a bit of relief to have the killer finally unmasked, I was starting to worry that I might have done it.....

So Vagn was the culprit. The fact that Vagn had spent 2 years in medical school should have alerted me to the fact that he really was an evil genius. He was actually shaping up as a suspect again, with his level of shifty elevating to prime suspect proportions. However, the way he acted as if he was completely clueless as to the existence of the passport when Anton mentioned it to him and telling Theis and Pernille about it, was a stroke of genius - completely threw me off. Well sort of...

My exact words a couple of weeks ago were: "To be honest, despite the fact that he looks incredibly shifty the whole time, he seems a bit too stupid to be a meticulous, organised serial killer. That could however, be an elaborate ruse…That said, does anyone else remember that he had a plaster on his neck in the first couple of episodes? Covering a scratch from Nanna & hence the removal of her fingernails or a Red Herring? We’ll see…" I should have gone with my first instinct, he really was a shifty as he looked! I discounted him on the grounds that he seemed so devoted to the family. Turns out that his 'devotion' caused him to go too far. 

What a fabulous ending though? No one wandered off into the sunset safe in the knowledge that they had 'closure'. Instead, as in life, we have a lot of unanswered questions:
  • We know Jan Meyer is dead, but we'll never get to the bottom of why he had to eat bananas on a regular basis now. Some Danish disease caused by the chronic absence of light that can only be combated by the periodic ingestion of bananas? 
  • We'll also never get to the bottom of the dodgy trip to Latvia that everyone in City Hall, apart from the gorgeous Troels, seem to have attended.  Dodgy trafficking ring, with women sourced from Latvia run by the Mayor and his cohorts?
  • Theis will be languishing in jail for an unspecified time, whilst poor Pernille will have to bring up the boys and run the business alone. What secret did he share with Charlotte? Lots of dodgy looks passed between the two of them over the course of the 20 weeks, an illicit affair perhaps? Who was the girl Theis saw when he was attacked by the yobs in the alleyway before waking up in the doss house?
  • Bengt and Sarah aren't getting together - which for my money is a good thing as that means we get series 2. (Dear BBC4, can we bring series 2 forward please, I'm not sure I can wait until 'later in the year'). Where was the promised liaison between Troels and Sarah. I feel cheated....
  • So Troels binned Rie, (which thankfully, leaves the way clear for me), even though it turns out that Morten sorted the flat out. However, Rie was definitely up to something from day 1 - what that 'something' was we'll never know, but it definitely involves her Dad. More importantly, that argument between Rie and Phillip Dessau hinted at something more than political intrigue... Did she do the dirty on Troels? We'll never know...
  • How on earth does a humble policewoman afford that jumper - apparently Sarah's jumper costs £250????? That might go some way towards explaining why she is always wearing it, she probably can't afford any other clothes...It doesn't explain why anyone would be prepared to pay £250 for it in the first place though....
  • Will Morten declare his undying love for Troels - Don't pretend you haven't noticed he's smitten!
  • Are all senior Danish policemen mentally challenged? Every one of Sarah's superiors wouldn't have recognised a clue if it introduced itself and proffered it's CV...
As well as offering 10 weeks worth  of cracking entertainment and happy side effect is that I am, as I shall now demonstrate, fluent in Danish.

Danish - English translation

Colleague: Colleague
Uncle: Uncle
Hello: Hello
Tak: Thank you - Love it! I'll be using that from now on
Dating profil: dating profile
Yes: Yes
You've fucked up: You've fucked up
Passe: Passport
Weekend: Weekend
November: November
Stop: Stop
Toilet: Toilet
Skol: Cheers
So basically, all the vocabulary required to conduct a murder investigation, order a beer and find a toilet. Sorted!  
Cast of The Killing 2
This has been literally the best drama on TV for ages, as I have said many times, superb plot, acting and atmosphere. I can't wait for series 2 the taster for the next season, which was shown tonight, indicates that it's going to be just as brilliant. I repeat my plea" "BBC4 can we have it now please?" If you missed the drama tonight, catch up on iPlayer.

Luckily, it seems that season 3 of the excellent Spiral is starting imminently, April 2nd to be precise.  Don't worry if you haven't seen 1 and 2, all you need to know is: The Prosecutor Pierre Clément (2nd from right n picture below), is impossibly handsome and very worthy; The lead detective Laure (left in picture below), is the French version of Lund, except she's a bit of a slapper; There is and evil red headed barrister Joséphine Karlsson (right in picture below), who will do anything for money and  for some reason is out to get Laure. It's also extremely gory - you've been warned...

Cast of Spiral
Synopsis of the first episode:

When the body of a young woman is found murdered and mutilated, police captain Laure Berthaud seizes the opportunity to redeem a tarnished reputation and leads her squad on the hunt for the sadistic killer. Meanwhile, Judge Roban's investigation into the case of a child being bitten by a dog might turn out to have broader implications, and even public prosecutor Pierre Clement is not immune from the resulting pressure.

Basically, more quality TV!

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