The Killing – Excitement & tension is mounting, but who the hell did it???

Lund & Meyer
So we're at episode 16 and I have pretty much suspected everyone so far! That said, I’m quietly confident about my latest theory, given the conclusion of tonight’s episode, with dodgy looking new removal person donning his overalls. More on that later…So at last Lund looked at the bloomin’ missing person’s files and we have confirmation of Bengt's earlier suspicion, that the killer had ‘done this before.’ Clearly that rules out the dodgy & obviously deranged Holck, it also rules out the civil servant Olav. The fact they’re both dead now is also a a bit of clue! So what are our options?

Kemel the Teacher, who was discounted earlier on. I mention him, not because I believe there is some elaborate double bluff going on that will see him back in the frame, though with this show I wouldn’t be surprised! No, I mention him so that I can make reference to the brilliantly acted scenes between him and Theis. Firstly, Kemel's mounting panic in the warehouse when he realised Theis was going to attack him. Understated and brilliant, yet you still felt his fear & Theis' cold hard stare as he delivered the punishment, seemingly without emotion, was a fantastic piece of acting. It’s a testament to the acting skill of the wonderful Bjarne Henriksen (Theis), that a guy who is essentially a thug with a dodgy past, remains a sympathetic and likeable character no matter what offences he commits. The second interaction between Theis and Kemel, when Theis went to hospital to visit Kemel to apologies for what he had done, underlines for me everything that is good about great European drama. Very little dialogue, unacknowledged understanding that they both knew what had happened and why Theis was there. Sentiment and emotion largely being communicated via stolen looks and body language. Essentially a true representation of what would have happened in a real life situation and for me an acknowledgment that the program makers attribute a level of intelligence to their viewers. We’ve all been watching for the last 16 weeks, we know what happened, thus a lengthy recap wasn’t required! Sadly, I’m not sure it would have been given the same treatment in an UK or US crime drama & all of them are much the worse for it.

So to our genuine options. Lets start with poor old Troels, in the frame pretty much from day 1, due to a series of co-incidences and his inability to deliver a conclusive alibi for the evening. Whilst, it’s always been clear (to me anyway!) that someone has been setting him up, tonight he was pretty much exonerated. To be frank, that was more than a bit of a relief for me, no one that gorgeous should be fingered for mass murder…

Rie (aka Lady Macbeth) Troels’ extremely suspect political adviser & girlfriend. Some could say she’s just doing her job properly. However, I say she is obsessed with political power, whatever the cost, as evidenced by her urging Troels on, on more than one occasion to make ‘deals’ rather than stick to his principles. (The lovely Troels has thus far resisted, I do like a principled man – particularly one who’s so good looking. Am still reeling from the unexpected removal of the shirt last week & those cheek bones…). I believe, though I have absolutely no evidence (!), that Rie, working for her farther may be part of the ongoing plot to discredit Troels. She does after all have unprecedented access to him, his schedule, his home etc. The fact that she is now cutting him off for, essentially, mourning the death of his wife, just points to her ability to be ruthless. More revelations to come from that quarter I suspect…

Rie, Morten, Treols
Morten, Troels’ campaign manager and old friend. Initially pointed to as a potential suspect given the emails that were sent from his laptop, (Personally, I think Lady Macbeth sent those, but we’ll see), now back on the campaign. He’s certainly a bit strange, he doesn’t eat cake for example – admittedly that probably wouldn’t feature highly on the FBI profiling list of characteristics of a serial killer, but who doesn't eat cake?? It’s more than a little bit odd… As with Rie, he has complete access to Troels schedule, the flat and he knew about Troels’ membership to the dating website. Incidentally, does anyone else think it completely ridiculous that a man a good looking as Troels wouldn’t be able to find women without the aid of a dating service? (OK, I'm going to try and stop going on about how good looking Troels is now).

Bremer the decidedly dodgy Mayor of Copenhagen, he’s been largely ignored to date, but his recent behaviour puts him in the frame. Attempting to capitalise on Troels arrest; his connection to the flat via payments to Olav; that bloody trip to Latvia that they keep mentioning but not elaborating on – was there a murder there? All very suspect, also does anyone else think that Phillip Dessau, Bremer's campaign who literally just turned up, looks slightly dodgy? (How's Bremer been running the campaign for the last 14 episodes?) They would all clearly have had access to the apartment too. Is Bremer the serial killer and Dessau his accomplice? Whilst we’re on the subject of the apartment, that has definitely got to have been part of the plot to discredit Troels. The murderer went to great pains to remove all clues, cutting Nana’s fingernails to remove evidence for example, yet he was careless enough to leave clues all over the apartment? I don’t think so.

Vagn, a removal man at Theis' business and his oldest friend. He’s not above a bit of dodgy dealing and seems to still be in touch with contacts from his/Theis’ criminal past. He does appear fiercely loyal to the family and has been invaluable, keeping the business on track throughout the period. To be honest, despite the fact that he looks incredibly shifty the whole time, he seems a bit too stupid to be a meticulous, organised serial killer. That could however, be an elaborate ruse… Also, if we believe that there is a political angle, how would we connect Vagn to that? What if, somehow Bremer found out that Vagn was a serial killer and is blackmailing him to make it look like Troels? Far fetched? Yes I agree! I actually don’t think its Vagn, I think he values his position in the family too much to risk losing it. That said, does anyone else remember that he had a plaster on his neck in the first couple of episodes? Covering a scratch from Nanna & hence the removal of her fingernails or a Red Herring? We’ll see…

So to my prime suspect, the new removal bloke – who’s name I didn’t catch - that we had a lingering shot of at the end of last night’s episode. We know the girl from the 15 year old cold case, moved with the aid of a removal firm just before she died. We know the red overalls (uniform in Theis’ company) are significant. We saw how reluctant he was to help out. We heard Vagn’s, "Theis has helped you out many times before" comment. Helped him out with what? Time off, when he committed his murders perhaps? New guy seems a good bet to me...As a aside, 'Removalist' (I am almost fluent in Danish now...!) who knew it was an actual profession?

The Killing is the televisual equivalent of reading a really good novel: lots of attention to pointless detail (Meyer and his banana addiction, Lund's legendary jumpers) that only enhance your enjoyment; Plenty of time to develop characters so you feel you know them and care what happens to them. For example, I doubt there would have been time for Theis to come across as sympathetic in a series of half the length. I’ve said this a million times before, but The Killing is a sheer joy to watch. The intricate plot lines to get us all thinking; the development of the characters & the acting, without exception is amazing. I am already salivating at the thought of the second series!

Any lunatics out there that are still not watching this, I believe you can still catch up on BBC iplayer - failing that there's a DVD coming out in April. Final point, I had a quick peek at the trailer for the US version, worried as I clicked that it would be the usually glossy, dumbed down drivel that we tend to see with a US remake. (Think Wicker Park - remake of the fabulous L’appartment; Let Me in - remake of the equally excellent Let the Right one in; Diabolique, remake of the exquisite French film of the same name Les diaboliques; They are currently remaking the fabulous Tell No One, I have no idea why. Don't get me started on the multitude of hideous remakes of Japanese horror movies...). I am prepared to admit to being surprised, see below, it doesn’t look that far off of the original, but we’ll see….

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