Thoughts on Adele & Wretch 32 (Or: 'More random nonsense from facebook')

NA : Adele really is amazing - This song is a classic.

GB: I'm sort of dimly aware of Adele, and compared to the majority of the karaoke quality singers you see on TV she can at least hold a tune. But number 1 in 17 countries so that annoying twat off G&S tells us, so what do I know?File me under 'Grumpy old man, but still thinks he's down with the kids' :)

NA: lol!!! You are genuinely insane!!!! Seriously, I know I'm not 'down with the kids' in fact, the majority of the time, I find the kids to be ridiculous... Adele however, is excellent - Listen to some of her stuff, that young lady will be around for a while.

GB: You're not down with the kids! Not listening to Adele anyway :)

NA: Just get your arse on YouTube - you'll be a convert. Btw I filed you under 'Grumpy old man, but still thinks he's down with the kids' a long time ago....

MC: You don't need to be down with the kids to like good music. 'Home Town' now that's a tune!!!!!!

GB: Just for the records I consider 'Down with the kids' to be an insult if what most kids I know listen to is any measure!

NA: I tried to get in there and save M from you......your fingers were poised over the keyboards weren't they? You're not trying to tell me you don't LOVE this old timer. If only for the Pulp Fiction hook? http://youtu.be/Mpf6CWqQXx8. And, its about a tractor, something you can relate too....

MC: PMSL! Stop it!!!!!!!LOL

NA: G's gone quiet - he's busy 'riding that m/f beat like a tractor'.

GB: Stack P's?

NA: Kid speak for bales of hay? No idea....I admitted earlier I'm not down with the bloomin' kids either.

GB: ‎'More women more alcohol here'. 'Bales of hay' is Mary Jane.

NA: There you go, 'More women more alcohol here', something else you can relate to :-)

GB: Hmm. You have me all wrong Ms A. ROFL!!! Check the official vid. Sweet! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCivYv4HqiI&feature=related  

NA: Sadly, I have seen it numerous times courtesy of the 'kid' in my house. I hate to say this, but it grows on you - I find myself riding the m/f beat like a train 'choo choo go hard, go faster' everytime it comes on these days

GB: I bet you do :)

NA: ROLF!! I'll have to be honest though, it took a number of airings before I had a clue what they were saying!!! Only reason I knew it was about a tractor was because that's the only word any of them are enunciating properly...

GB: Get her! 'Enunciating'! And its 'are enunciating, innit'. Get it right!

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