Stop Press!!!!! Freddie Flintoff vs The World - not desperately impressive...

Missed the beginning, but tonight Freddie was in Arizona with Iwan Thomas, (British 400m record holder - still don’t recognise him…). Their extreme sports this week were: Taking part in a demolition derby  - so basically, driving an old banger. Erm, I did that from the ages of 17 – 25; Rock climbing – Wales, 6th form Biology field trip and; kayaking off of a 20ft waterfall – holiday in the West Indies (not a 20ft waterfall, but deep and without helmets and safety gear). Oh and Freddie and Iwan have a budding bromance.

In summary, not desperately impressive. I think Freddie won (wasn’t really taking a great deal of notice…), but that was probably because Iwan was a bit of a wuss (example, “shaking like a dog taking a sh@t” - his words – when about to abseil down a mountainside)… Freddie did manage to look cute throughout, but sadly, I’m not as shallow as I thought. Freddie’s good looks are just not enough to hold my interest. Hopefully next week will be better, he’s in Texas, with Kyran Bracken (I know who he is, much better start…) where Freddie tackles an extremely irritating hang nail and they go line dancing. OK, I made the hang nail bit up, but they genuinely do go line dancing. It may well be the last episode I watch….

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