"The Killing" - Are you watching it yet? If not why not?

Days 5 & 6, (and hence episodes 5 & 6), of the investigation last night and ‘The Killing’ is no less brilliant than the first couple of episodes implied.

Last night had suspicion thrown at Lisa, (Nanna, the murder victim's best friend), only for that to be cleared up 'relatively' innocently. I’m not writing her off though, no one on this series is innocent until proven guilty! We saw evidence to indicate that Nanna had a secret assignation planned on the night of the murder, possibly with an older married man. The spotlight has now fallen onto Nanna's Danish teacher, Rama, who I’ve had my eye on from the start…If he does turn out to be the murderer, he may have provided evidence that helps to incriminate him. 

There are suggestions that Nanna’s father has, in the past, had links to the underworld with a murder that he was incriminated in, (but not convicted of), discovered last night. Other potential suspects to come from that quarter I suspect… Episode 6 ending with him offering to drive Rama home, after finding out that the police suspect him. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out if Rama, makes the drive home in one piece.

Meanwhile, the political subplot is stepping up a pace, with links to Nanna's murder and attempts to incriminate the Mayoral candidate all cleverly entwined. Currently, everything points to the Mayor's girlfriend/campaign manager being behind the attempts, but with this show you never cam tell.  Finally, there was another abortive attempt on Sarah's part to get to Sweden - We know she'll never get to Sweden, not for another 14 episodes at least, but for a moment, they had us convinced!

I have managed to convert my friend Simon into a devotee - our succinct summary of the situation so far (conversation Twitter, so had no choice but to be!!) below:
Simon: Are you still up! So, school teacher had affair with classmate & killer is creepy guy who works for victim's Dad. What do you think?!!!

Me: School teacher defo had affair with her. Am in 2 minds abt creepy delivery guy. First few episodes, I was convinced it was him. Now it seems a bit too obvious. Politicians girlfriend/campaign manager setting him up? 

Simon:  Mayor's GF, deffo. Uses her charms when he is on to something. Creepy guy.. Hmm. He's up to something! Interesting. Have to wait 1 week!

Me: Sarah won't go to Sweden, she'll stay and end up with Mayor. (Established we don't like his gf, so defo rooting for that outcome!)
Simon: Hmm.. They do seem to have some Chemistry, yes. I like the thought! What's going on with these civil servants...!?
Confused? You won't be if you go catch up on the show - first 6 episodes are available on BBC iPlayer. You won't be disappointed; the acting is absolutely first rate and the plot twists continue to abound. Quality TV, watch it!!

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