Is facebook really such a good thing?

GB: Is really. Really. Tired. And fat.

BR: And bald
GB: Thanks. And bald.
BR: But look on the bright side......hmmm maybe.not
CH: You forgot flatulent too.

NA: Are these people your friends?!
JS: is this as a result of work or play?
Kko: The Yank says: "shuddup! You may be tired but you are fun, witty and intelligent and therefore hot!" In my humble opinion at least....

KLJ: yep a man with a penis the size of yours has no right to bitch

AN: Put on your drag and you'll feel much better. Anyway, fat is good for the winter!

KLJ: You are even too tired to defend the penis comment - come on!
NA: (OK, they're definitely not your friends...!)
KLJ: haaahahha

GB:Yeah N (sic). These are my friends. But thanks KKo for your flattering comment. And thanks too KLJ for managing any future partners' expectations. :)

NA: "('N', I don't use the porn spelling in front of my friends....)   

GB: Just in front of clients? :)
NA:  Porn, does Porn have client? I thought it had viewers?

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