I didn't have to make any of this up...

At least one of these people is a friend of mine. I'm a teeny bit scared...

GB: Happy New Year to one and all. At this time of year, something comes to mind that my old music teacher used to say to me: "G; You can put your pants back on now. Here's ten bob."

NA:It's official, you're insane...!

AN: And my old Emglish teacher used to say "You're all shits!" I think he was quoting Shakespeare...............

GB: Well I was mad at the time NA!

AW: Hi G, your old music teacher here. Can I come round and give you a lesson!!

NA: Lol!

AM: Ten bob??? You always charged me 17/6d!

GB: ‎#AM I charged you more because I dressed as the front end of a pantomime horse. It's what you wanted. You can take the boy out of Gloucester....

AO: Hi GB, Happy New Year! They say "old habbits die hard".. wishing you a decent and healthy year!!

AM: This one's a Bad Hobbitt.............Frodos

SB: GB, glad to see you starting the New Year as you mean to go on, I hope.

GB: Hi SB. My new year's resolution was to adopt a more adult persona. To start putting the important things in life first. To start to make a difference. Then I saw an opportunity for a knob gag and thought: "Fuck it". xx

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