Yes, Episodes still isn't that funny...

Caught up on last night's episode, so now I am almost half way through the inaugural season. Whilst I'll obviously sit the whole season out now (might as well), I'm not doing it because it has improved. OK, so it improved a bit...
Tamsin and Stephen are still incredibly unfunny and are like oil and water as far as ‘chemistry’ goes. In the opening scene where Tamsin seduced Stephen, it should have been sexy and funny, instead I found myself wondering how long it would go on for. The dialogue, which was actually quite funny, was wasted on them:

Stephen: We have to get up.
Tamsin (seductively?):  I think you already are...
Stephen: The wit, the wordplay, it'd like being in bed with Noel Coward..

Stephen after Tasmin, got him on side (so to speak):Listen no dawdling, 2 minutes tops. 

Tamsin: Five
Stephen: Five? Are we doing it twice.
So in this episode, Matt decided that he didn’t want the lead female character in the show to be a lesbian, thus ruling out the possibility of anything happening between them. Tamsin was against the change, Matt persuaded Stephen that it was the right idea by: allowing him to drive his car (only 3 in the world); flying him in his jet to Las Vegas; showing him his enormous cock.

Stephen, describing it to Tamsin later: "It's enormous, like a sea creature, like something out of Jules Verne."
Tamsin: Did you show him yours? 

Stephen: No, the situation was humbling enough as it was.
The clincher was Matt’s observation that a season in the US is considerably longer than in the UK and they would need to leave the door open for new story lines. Imagine, season 3 you’re up in the middle if the night, banging your head thinking about new episodes. “You'll be thinking: How many times can this guy hit on the dyke?” Matt won again, Tamsin wasn't happy...
Other funny lines:

The extremely clichéd, gay wardrobe ‘master’ describing an unnaturally young looking actress: “That girl, somewhere she's got a painting of herself and it's looking like all kinds if shit.”
Stephen to Matt after he addressed a waiter in Thai:  You speak Thai?
Matt: Just the basics: please; thank you; how much is the girl?

Stephen: Do you know what a balaclava is? 
Matt: No. 
Stephen: What about an anorak? 
Matt: Now you're just making sounds.  

So in summary, it should have been funny, but for some reason, it just wasn't...

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