"The Killing" - Brilliant Danish Crime Thriller, must see TV

The cast of "The Killing"
Not Reality TV, but an absolute must, “The Killing”  is a Danish crime TV series originally released in 2007 (original title “Forbrydelsen”). The lead character is Inspector Sarah Lund, who in the opening episode is supposed to be leaving her current job to emigrate to Sweden, to live with her boyfriend. She is sidetracked by the grisly murder of a young girl, the investigation of which she leads, with the aid of her slightly boorish sidekick Jan Meyer. There are links to the local Mayoral candidate and a subplot that I suspect will involve his girlfriend. There is also continued focus on the victim’s family and friends, which will clearly yield more twists in coming episodes. In short, it’s amazing and it’s only episode 2!

Don’t be fooled by the trailer, it’s in Danish, with subtitles. I beg those of you who usually write off foreign language productions to bear with this one. The acting is excellent and understated, the writing and characterisation is brilliant. There are 20 episodes set over the 20 days of the investigation - It’s a class production and airs on BBC4 Saturday’s at 9pm. Catch up on BBC player seriously, you won't regret it.

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