Episodes - Why am I still watching?

Matt got drunk in a bar in Santa Clarita, after losing his custody hearing. Stephen had to go pick him up, to avoid his being seen by a Paparazzi, with a grudge against him, driving drunk.

He got drunk because his visiting rights to his kids were reduced after he was caught by one of them shagging the Nanny. Absolutely nothing funny at all happened, not even Matt directing them to his ex's house in the middle of the night to annoy her.  (Bit of whimsy, with her letting him look at the kids sleeping even though 'she won' in court that day and Matt realising what an a'hole he is for losing visitation rights. All well and good, but isn't this supposed to be a comedy people?????).

The only remotely funny line (and I mean remotely..) was Matt on the Paparazi: “Fucking Paparazzi, what kind of kids says: ‘When I grow up I wanna be a scumbug arsehole with a camera?’"

Matt vomiting on Tamsin was funny (ish) - I would probably want to vomit on her if I met her in real life too.

So in summary, dull, dull, dull...Only 3 episodes to go before this nightmare is over...

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