"Episodes" - I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt

I had big plans to love "Episodes", the new show with Matt LeBlanc that premiered on BBC2 tonight. 10pm found me alert, in front of the TV, red wine to the left and munching the remnants of my Biggest Loser UK conciliatory cheese sarnie, prepared to enjoy. It kind of fell flat...

So the premise of the show was that writers, of a Bafta award winning UK show, are lured to the US by a producer who hadn't actually seen the show and had big plans to Americanise it. Including replacing the marvellous Richard Griffiths, as Headmaster of a fictional public boarding school, with Matt LeBlanc. Who didn't even appear in the episode by the way. I understand why, the writers of "Episodes" were setting the scene for things to come, but it was still a bit of a disappointment. The central characters (other than Matt) are meant to be husband and wife, but the Chemistry between them (or lack thereof) was akin to two people that had just met. I don't know why, but I found them more than a little annoying...

So why bother give it another go? Moments of brilliance such as:

America producer to the English Script writers: "Do you know what my fantasy is". English wife: "I'm going to guess, either shoes or nuns?"


English wife: "My grandmother used to grow Loganberries...every summer we'd pick them and make Jam..."
American Producer: "F@ck. My Grandmother lives in Morristown New Jersey and hates Black people."

We'll see....

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