Dancing on Ice, the second six and I have already picked my winner....

I'd love to say that it was due to skill, artistry and the ability to emote that I want Jennifer Metcalfe to win. If I did say that, I'd be lying. The reason I want Jennifer to win is the  gorgeous Slyvain Longchambon, Jennifer's partner. As Jen herself put it as soon as she saw him, "is he straight & single".  The very question that was rushing through my head - spooky!! (Oh and Jen's skating was ok too....)

Thank the Lord, they won the elimination....

Torvill and Dean proved they still have it, skating a wonderful routine to Ellie Goulding's version of 'Your Song". Fantastic! (Not sure about Jane's weird hair extensions though?)

Favourite quote of the evening was a toss up between: Jason's summing up of Denise Welch's performance: "There were real moments of promise, combined with Matt skating with his Mum"; and  Denise thanking the viewer for the 'incontinence pants' they'd sent her! Denise needed to stay, largely because Matt (her partner) is gorgeous, but also because she gave it a go and we need an older woman represented.

Still not sold on the new judging format, Jason and Richard doing the good cop/bad cop routine and Emma (remind me why she's there again?) basically talking nonsense...

Finally and most importantly, Vanilla Ice, once again, looked hot!! A perfect example of how age is not always a bad thing!

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