Dancing on Ice - aka the Sam show...

..What to say? Jennifer was good, suffered through adversity i.e. she was rushed to hospital for a cut on the leg that the rest of would have stuck a plaster on and got on with it. I am willing to concede that I may be being uncharitable, but it's hard to feel sorry for someone who gets to go out with the gorgeous Sylvian.... That said, she is definitely one of the better celebs, as the judges pointed out, her lines are brilliant and she is very graceful.  Vanilla was hot, but to be honest I'll be saying that every week whether his skating is any good or not.  Chloe and Laura, were also very good.

Johnson has improved in leaps and bounds and in any event will (and should) stay as he's a war hero.  For those of you who haven't worked it out yet, this is 90% popularity contest, 10% skating contest, that's why Ashely Peacock stayed in the first week. Speaking of Mr Peacock, Steven was worse than awful. To be fair, he was awful the first time we saw him, he just doesn't appear to have improved. Kerry's routine was bizarre, a couple of minutes of Kerry being carried around by her partner (despite that, Emma couldn't fault the routine???) One of them should be leaving tonight....Jason, is taking his role as 'evil judge' a tad too far now, but the controversy will help with the ratings (and ensure he's back next year no doubt).

The true star of the show though was Sam. Yes, yes, I know he skated as a teenager, but rushing around a rink trying to impress your mates, is very, very different to executing technically difficult routines flawlessly. Sam was absolutely amazing and his performance, as one of the judges pointed out was akin to one you would see in a semi final as opposed to the second week. It's hard to see how he won't win this. 

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