The Biggest Loser UK - So what did we think?

There was a 22 stone woman on "The Biggest Loser UK" and I was watching whilst scoffing a cheese sarnie. Suddenly, I didn't feel particularly hungry anymore...(but it proves that I can do irony. No? Oh well...). I was worried it would pale in comparison to the US version. Despite the humiliating ritual of the weigh in, whilst wearing lycra, (props go to all of the contestants for agreeing to that by the way, I am a fraction of the size of these people and there isn't enough money in the world that would get me on TV similarly attired...), I was right, we're just not as good at tugging at the heart strings over here, as they are in the good old US of A. Davina is OK (better than Kate Garaway, but then...) but not as 'sincere' as her counterpart on the US show, Alison. The prize money is only £25,000 as compared to $100,000 in the US and whilst the female trainer did  actually swear at one of the contestants, neither trainer was a fierce as Jillian and Bob...
Jillian, Alison and Bob

Where was the schamaltzy (sp?) music that accompanies the contestants bios? Why were the contestants not in floods of tears as they explained the accidents of fate that caused them to gain weight? None of this was in evidence, instead we had a bunch of people admitting it was all their own fault and they were here to ensure they sorted themselves out. Whilst this allows you to admire them for making the effort, it's not exactly great TV.  All that said, I will be following their progress with interest (from my sofa with a glass of red wine), because I am a sucker for any show with "The Biggest Loser" in the title.

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