Biggest Loser Couples (US) - THAT's how you do 'The Biggest Loser'

...on Livingit (Tuesday's 9pm). Now THAT's how you do 'The Biggest Loser'.

Sob stories a plenty: everyone in my family died so I ate; I'm the fattest man in the world and I'm only 31, no girlfriend, no family etc; We were so poor, we ate coal for dinner and we wore the one shoe our family owned on a rotational basis. OK, I made some of that up, but you get the general drift....

Michael, it doesn't matter how big you are, there
 really is no excuse for that hair..

We had none of the British stoicism; nobody being sensible and admitting it was there own fault (there was even a bloke who reckoned he was cursed!); people bursting into tears in pretty much every scene, even people who aren't contestants! (Side note: the biggest guy, Michael, was 526 lbs, which is just under 38 stones. So nowhere near Britain's fattest man, Paul Mason at his heaviest. Interesting observation: Michael was out there  participating in challenges, meanwhile back in Ipswich, Paul now 37 stones, claims he can't walk. Mmmm, bit of a malingerer maybe? I digress). Michael 'threw down' tonight, indicating that he is going to try and break the record for the most weight loss in the shortest period of time (100lbs in 7 week), see the pic below, looks like he may have done it. I'll be watching that with interest.

Enough, I hear you cry! I thought it was too, as I settled down with my M&S Thai green curry (Fuller Longer range, yum, yum! It's irony people, it's irony. Admittedly, not as ironic as it would have been if I was eating a family sized bar of Cadbury's Fruit and Nut, maybe next week...Quick side note: I felt compelled to google Cadbury's Fruit and Nut once I'd thought of it and found a website, where people actually reviewed Fruit and Nut bars - bizarre, but I love it!! If I had one now, I would so be tempted to review it...) Back to the plot, so we thought the show could get no better. We were wrong because at that point, the show's Doctor came on and with a creepy music accompaniment, told the contestants they were all in GRAVE danger. The contestants became hysterical. Bliss! Per the Docs instructions they all "bonded", as pulling together is apparently crucial to their success. (Previous experience of the show tells me they'll be "bonding@ right up until the point that the $100,000 is within reach). One of the contestants collapsed and actually hurt herself, was carted off for treatment and they STILL gave her the 2lb weight penalty for not completing the challenge!! Tough love at it's best! As Lee McQueen (winner of Apprentice UK series 4) would say "Now that's what I'm talking about"! Bob (one of the trainers) has to be the campest 'tough guy' in the world. He minced up a storm, whilst wearing a flak jacket weighted down with the excess poundage one of the contestants is carrying. Quality TV basically!  Biggest Loser UK, take note....

Michael having the last laugh, look at him now! 264 lbs (nearly 19 stones) later.

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