American Idol

Caught up on American Idol this morning (it's on ITV2 Thursday's and Friday's at 9pm if you want to watch it). We are at the start of the audition stages, so are seeing the usual mix of incredibly talented vs incredibly misguided contestants. That's not the real news though. The news is that we have have had the chance to see the new judging line up of: Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler and Randy Jackson, in action. No Simon Cowell, did it make a difference? To be honest, not a great deal. There was a bit of a false start, with Jen and Steve nervous about rejecting people, after crazy lunatic contestant number 25, they came into their own and started handing out the no's.

Steve, incidentally, is shaping up to be this season's lunatic judge aka Paula Abdul: Providing accompaniment to the contestants; staring searchingly at people who sang amazingly and telling them he didn't 'feel it'; the list goes on.... My favourite "Steveism" from this week's shows was him turning to Randy after a particularly bad contestant and saying "I notice you're not throwing the word 'dawg' around so much today". Priceless!! I suspect they'll be many more of these as the season progresses. (Can't say I was unhappy about the missing 'dawg's. The whole 'dawg' thing is becoming a bit tired anyway...)

The show is missing the frisson of evil provided by Cowell, but I suspect (hope), that when riled, Jen will be the one to fill that void. I will continue to watch in hope!! A couple of the better contestant and a bad one or two, below fyi.

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