Episodes - Why am I still watching?

Matt got drunk in a bar in Santa Clarita, after losing his custody hearing. Stephen had to go pick him up, to avoid his being seen by a Paparazzi, with a grudge against him, driving drunk.

He got drunk because his visiting rights to his kids were reduced after he was caught by one of them shagging the Nanny. Absolutely nothing funny at all happened, not even Matt directing them to his ex's house in the middle of the night to annoy her.  (Bit of whimsy, with her letting him look at the kids sleeping even though 'she won' in court that day and Matt realising what an a'hole he is for losing visitation rights. All well and good, but isn't this supposed to be a comedy people?????).

The only remotely funny line (and I mean remotely..) was Matt on the Paparazi: “Fucking Paparazzi, what kind of kids says: ‘When I grow up I wanna be a scumbug arsehole with a camera?’"

Matt vomiting on Tamsin was funny (ish) - I would probably want to vomit on her if I met her in real life too.

So in summary, dull, dull, dull...Only 3 episodes to go before this nightmare is over...


"The Killing" - Brilliant Danish Crime Thriller, must see TV

The cast of "The Killing"
Not Reality TV, but an absolute must, “The Killing”  is a Danish crime TV series originally released in 2007 (original title “Forbrydelsen”). The lead character is Inspector Sarah Lund, who in the opening episode is supposed to be leaving her current job to emigrate to Sweden, to live with her boyfriend. She is sidetracked by the grisly murder of a young girl, the investigation of which she leads, with the aid of her slightly boorish sidekick Jan Meyer. There are links to the local Mayoral candidate and a subplot that I suspect will involve his girlfriend. There is also continued focus on the victim’s family and friends, which will clearly yield more twists in coming episodes. In short, it’s amazing and it’s only episode 2!

Don’t be fooled by the trailer, it’s in Danish, with subtitles. I beg those of you who usually write off foreign language productions to bear with this one. The acting is excellent and understated, the writing and characterisation is brilliant. There are 20 episodes set over the 20 days of the investigation - It’s a class production and airs on BBC4 Saturday’s at 9pm. Catch up on BBC player seriously, you won't regret it.


Freddie Flintoff vs The World - Bit of a spoilsport :-(

Almost forgot, I watched Freddie Flintoff vs the World on Tuesday! Not sure how I could have as it was definitely the highlight of my evening (if not the week). I guess I was just so traumatised by the horror that was 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' that I temporarily forgot all that was good and right about the world i.e. The sight of a very fine specimen of a man doing stupid sh@t!

A very fine specimen he may be (sighs wistfully....), but as it turns out, a bit of a spoilsport...One of his 'challenges' on the first episode was to jump off of a cliff into a narrow gorge(?)/ravine(?), to the sea. Risking, if you're out of luck, being dashed against the rocks and possibly killed. Obviously, they couldn't take the chance that viewers might think they were wimps so, he and Darren Gough who he was competing against, bravely did it. (Despite the fact that they were both bricking it!) Clearly crazy, the pair of them, you couldn't pay me enough money to get me to do that.... Luckily, no one died or was fatally injured, so more Freddie next week. (Hurrah!)

All the above though, isn't the 'important bit'. Apparently, it's tradition that you do the jump wearing tiny speedos and the crazy Mexicans who were instructing our intrepid duo, bought them a pair each. I was all a flutter at the thought of Fred in his keks, I was to be cruelly disappointed. The 'important bit' is that both Fred and Darren, politely declined to wear them, not so brave then....

For those of you who didn't watch, the premise of the show is that Fred travels the world and tries out various dangerous sports vs a guest celebrity. This week was Mexico, hence the Mexicans helping him cliff dive - they weren't just random Mexicans who happened to be hanging about... The celeb was Darren Gough - who was quite funny at times. The crazy sports were Cliff Diving and Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling), which did yield some small benefits as we saw Freddie in lycra. It's meant to be a proper competition so Freddie and guest are marked. I have no idea who won as I was too busy fuming over "speedogate"...

Next week: Arizona where Freddie takes on Olympic 400m athlete Iwan Thomas (no idea who he is...) There appears to be a number of water based challenges so Fred will have the opportunity to redeem himself and get his kit off...


My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - What about Gypsy Children's right?

So this episode focused on the fact that Travelers are worried about losing their culture. Most Travelers, don't actually travel anymore and they are, to an extent, being 'infiltrated' by the non traveler community....One of the ways they try to uphold the culture, apparently, is via celebrating the big events in life. Cut to a group of 8 year olds, on their way to a confirmation, dressed like hookers. Way to greet the Lord....

Tonight's episode also highlighted the wedding of traveler Pat, to non traveler Sam. A wedding that all involved, conceded, would be frowned upon by more traditional travelers. To compensate, Sam appeared to be throwing herself into Traveler culture. "She is more of a traveller than a traveller" said Thelma the dressmaker. So she went, trailer shopping. Where else would she house her Chanel bedspread? 'It's just like looking at houses" said Sam. Errrr, no it isn't Sam, it really isn't.

Sadly, her drive to seamlessly integrate didn't stop at the trailer...To further cement her credentials, that can really be the only reason for the monstrosity that was her wedding dress, Sam's wedding dress had a battery pack sewn in to it.... "We're really not sure if this is safe" Thelma remarked about the, clearly very flammable, dress. "Look at Michael Jackson, he had all sorts of people looking after him and look what happened." "They were fireworks" said one of her assistant. "Well this could go up like fireworks!" said Thelma. As a precaution, she decided to take a fire extinguisher with her to the wedding. I have nothing further to say about that dress, other than "Lights" and "Robotic butterflies"...

Yes, Episodes still isn't that funny...

Caught up on last night's episode, so now I am almost half way through the inaugural season. Whilst I'll obviously sit the whole season out now (might as well), I'm not doing it because it has improved. OK, so it improved a bit...
Tamsin and Stephen are still incredibly unfunny and are like oil and water as far as ‘chemistry’ goes. In the opening scene where Tamsin seduced Stephen, it should have been sexy and funny, instead I found myself wondering how long it would go on for. The dialogue, which was actually quite funny, was wasted on them:

Stephen: We have to get up.
Tamsin (seductively?):  I think you already are...
Stephen: The wit, the wordplay, it'd like being in bed with Noel Coward..

Stephen after Tasmin, got him on side (so to speak):Listen no dawdling, 2 minutes tops. 

Tamsin: Five
Stephen: Five? Are we doing it twice.
So in this episode, Matt decided that he didn’t want the lead female character in the show to be a lesbian, thus ruling out the possibility of anything happening between them. Tamsin was against the change, Matt persuaded Stephen that it was the right idea by: allowing him to drive his car (only 3 in the world); flying him in his jet to Las Vegas; showing him his enormous cock.

Stephen, describing it to Tamsin later: "It's enormous, like a sea creature, like something out of Jules Verne."
Tamsin: Did you show him yours? 

Stephen: No, the situation was humbling enough as it was.
The clincher was Matt’s observation that a season in the US is considerably longer than in the UK and they would need to leave the door open for new story lines. Imagine, season 3 you’re up in the middle if the night, banging your head thinking about new episodes. “You'll be thinking: How many times can this guy hit on the dyke?” Matt won again, Tamsin wasn't happy...
Other funny lines:

The extremely clichéd, gay wardrobe ‘master’ describing an unnaturally young looking actress: “That girl, somewhere she's got a painting of herself and it's looking like all kinds if shit.”
Stephen to Matt after he addressed a waiter in Thai:  You speak Thai?
Matt: Just the basics: please; thank you; how much is the girl?

Stephen: Do you know what a balaclava is? 
Matt: No. 
Stephen: What about an anorak? 
Matt: Now you're just making sounds.  

So in summary, it should have been funny, but for some reason, it just wasn't...


American Idol

Caught up on American Idol this morning (it's on ITV2 Thursday's and Friday's at 9pm if you want to watch it). We are at the start of the audition stages, so are seeing the usual mix of incredibly talented vs incredibly misguided contestants. That's not the real news though. The news is that we have have had the chance to see the new judging line up of: Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler and Randy Jackson, in action. No Simon Cowell, did it make a difference? To be honest, not a great deal. There was a bit of a false start, with Jen and Steve nervous about rejecting people, after crazy lunatic contestant number 25, they came into their own and started handing out the no's.

Steve, incidentally, is shaping up to be this season's lunatic judge aka Paula Abdul: Providing accompaniment to the contestants; staring searchingly at people who sang amazingly and telling them he didn't 'feel it'; the list goes on.... My favourite "Steveism" from this week's shows was him turning to Randy after a particularly bad contestant and saying "I notice you're not throwing the word 'dawg' around so much today". Priceless!! I suspect they'll be many more of these as the season progresses. (Can't say I was unhappy about the missing 'dawg's. The whole 'dawg' thing is becoming a bit tired anyway...)

The show is missing the frisson of evil provided by Cowell, but I suspect (hope), that when riled, Jen will be the one to fill that void. I will continue to watch in hope!! A couple of the better contestant and a bad one or two, below fyi.

Dancing on Ice - aka the Sam show...

..What to say? Jennifer was good, suffered through adversity i.e. she was rushed to hospital for a cut on the leg that the rest of would have stuck a plaster on and got on with it. I am willing to concede that I may be being uncharitable, but it's hard to feel sorry for someone who gets to go out with the gorgeous Sylvian.... That said, she is definitely one of the better celebs, as the judges pointed out, her lines are brilliant and she is very graceful.  Vanilla was hot, but to be honest I'll be saying that every week whether his skating is any good or not.  Chloe and Laura, were also very good.

Johnson has improved in leaps and bounds and in any event will (and should) stay as he's a war hero.  For those of you who haven't worked it out yet, this is 90% popularity contest, 10% skating contest, that's why Ashely Peacock stayed in the first week. Speaking of Mr Peacock, Steven was worse than awful. To be fair, he was awful the first time we saw him, he just doesn't appear to have improved. Kerry's routine was bizarre, a couple of minutes of Kerry being carried around by her partner (despite that, Emma couldn't fault the routine???) One of them should be leaving tonight....Jason, is taking his role as 'evil judge' a tad too far now, but the controversy will help with the ratings (and ensure he's back next year no doubt).

The true star of the show though was Sam. Yes, yes, I know he skated as a teenager, but rushing around a rink trying to impress your mates, is very, very different to executing technically difficult routines flawlessly. Sam was absolutely amazing and his performance, as one of the judges pointed out was akin to one you would see in a semi final as opposed to the second week. It's hard to see how he won't win this. 


"I am your brother,

I want to help you."
Muhammad Ali.
The definition of a true star...

"It's just a job....

Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up. 
Muhammad Ali

Mmmm, if only I was allowed to do that at work...... 


"I choose my friends for their good looks...

...my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their intellects. A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.
Oscar Wilde

mmm, looks like I have very few enemies....


Chipmunk - Local boy 'done good'


My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - New series, disturbing concept..

Off of the back of last year's one off that attempted to give the country an insight into traveller culture, Channel 4 have a new series. Last night's episode reaffirmed the fact that, despite being clad in outfits that a self respecting lap dancer wouldn't even sniff at, gypsy culture dictates that girls remain chaste. They are fiercely religious and extremely traditional in their view of male/female relationships, (with a husband not beating you, being a criteria for a good marriage...) with none of the girls aspiring to a career. Instead many are taken out of school early - no point educating a girl - and are desperate to be married by 16.  On last year's one off, a 22 year old bride only stopped short of declaring herself an old maid. Worryingly, you got the feeling that she was marrying out of desperation rather than love and her telling comment about making your own bed and lying in it, did nothing to dispel my misgivings...

"Anyone who lives within their means...

...suffers from a lack of imagination.
Oscar Wilde
My sister's moto. Deep sigh....

Biggest Loser Couples US vs UK

So this weeks UK version gave us more Brits berating themselves for having no self control vs the US version where it was still someone else's fault. When will our chubbies learn? I would be far more on side  if (a) there was more crying (b) when the trainer's try to do 'American' and psychoanalyse people, they made a better job of pretending it wasn't all nonsense... (c) the trainer's ripped into people like T US team do (d) the producer's never again think that half an hour of the contestants dangling from ropes is good TV????? Davina, who is the televisual equivalent of "Where's Wally" on this show, spent the entire episode looking like she felt her career had hit an all time low.  Even the dietitian was dull, no stern warnings of grave danger and she wasn't even medically trained. I won't miss the boring couple who were eliminated. Not good watching....

In complete contrast, on the US version: we had tears; we had recriminations; we had heart wrenching back ground music. The elimination saw Michael (of the dodgy hair's) Mum, literally pleading for his life whilst in floods of tears. I feared the contestants might drown at one stage. We also had this year's "gamer" put weight on and claim she didn't know how it happened. The resultant HUGE row between her and the trainers was Biggest Loser at it's best.  Now THAT was good watching....


‎"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger...

...more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." 
Albert Einstein

Our motto for 2011?


Episodes - I'm giving it one more week...

...and only because it's pedigree suggests it should be funny.

Tonight's episode was marginally (and I mean marginally) better than last weeks, largely because Matt LeBlanc put in an appearance, but still torturously slow. I guess the producers decided to go for a slow build up - a potentially dangerous strategy given the first series is only 8 weeks... Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan (the main characters) still have the chemistry of two people that recently bumped into each other on train station platform and were forced to spend a 40 minute train journey embarrassingly clamped against each other. (A bit like my journey into work most mornings – I hate First Capital Connect. I digress....) 

So tonight the writers were forced into accepting Matt as the lead for the show, despite his being: completely wrong for it; not interested in it; and initially very rude and arrogant. Once Matt realized the show was actually quite good, he turned on the charm and had the two of them eating out of his hands – Only to turn the tables on them by changing the premise of the show to better suit himself. There were a couple of ancillary plot lines: The studio exec who is sleeping with the obnoxious producer who has a blind wife; the obnoxious producer being horrible to his angelic blind wife. In theory, it all sounds good, in practice, I just didn’t find it particularly funny.

As per last week, there were a couple of good bits:

"I have decided to stick with love

Hate is too great a burden to bear." 
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy Martin Luther King day!


The Godmother of Rock and Roll...

...Sister Rosetta Tharpe.  A documentary that was shown on BBC4 a couple of nights ago. If you haven't seen it, it's a must. Whilst you couldn't exactly call her an unsung hero, her influence on Rock and Roll, Blues and even modern day music isn't discussed widely today and it's a crying shame. It turns out that Rosetta, a bit of a visionary and a rebel for her time, probably influenced musicians such as Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jimmy Hendrix and many UK Jazz and Blues aficionados in the 1960's. 

Like most creative people, she lived a 'colourful life', including a couple of marriages and several relationships with Men and Women (which seems contrary to her deep religious beliefs but hey, ho).  Unlike a lot of Black artists in the 30's/40's and 50's, she was relatively successful and seemed to have made a comfortable living from her trade. Which, given this lady's skills on the guitar (jeez, she can bang out a tune), piano and arranging, should come as no surprise. Check out, this video of one of her more popular songs (original version, which was a duet with Marie Knight, downloaded and on my ipod now!) Sister Rosetta Tharpe, I salute you!

Dancing on Ice, the second six and I have already picked my winner....

I'd love to say that it was due to skill, artistry and the ability to emote that I want Jennifer Metcalfe to win. If I did say that, I'd be lying. The reason I want Jennifer to win is the  gorgeous Slyvain Longchambon, Jennifer's partner. As Jen herself put it as soon as she saw him, "is he straight & single".  The very question that was rushing through my head - spooky!! (Oh and Jen's skating was ok too....)

Thank the Lord, they won the elimination....

Torvill and Dean proved they still have it, skating a wonderful routine to Ellie Goulding's version of 'Your Song". Fantastic! (Not sure about Jane's weird hair extensions though?)

Favourite quote of the evening was a toss up between: Jason's summing up of Denise Welch's performance: "There were real moments of promise, combined with Matt skating with his Mum"; and  Denise thanking the viewer for the 'incontinence pants' they'd sent her! Denise needed to stay, largely because Matt (her partner) is gorgeous, but also because she gave it a go and we need an older woman represented.

Still not sold on the new judging format, Jason and Richard doing the good cop/bad cop routine and Emma (remind me why she's there again?) basically talking nonsense...

Finally and most importantly, Vanilla Ice, once again, looked hot!! A perfect example of how age is not always a bad thing!

OK, so I know this is Dr.King's time, but lest we not forget, the great Malcolm X.

He may have begun as a militant, but that was a reflection of the time. Over time he saw the light and realised that not everyone is bad.  That was doubtless the reason that he was assassinated, but it was good to know that intelligence and reason will always win the day. If you haven't read his story, it's an absolute must. Some of my favourite Malcolm X quotes:


"Life's most persistent and urgent question is:

'What are you doing for others?'"
Dr Martin Luther King, Jnr.

It would have been his 82nd birthday today, let's remember the man and his message.


The only thing we have to fear...

...is fear itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Oh and creepy crawlies (especially those big hairy spiders)..and big dogs...clowns...those weird blond kids in the "Village of the damned" and...Oh let's face it, there are loads of things.


Biggest Loser Couples (US) - THAT's how you do 'The Biggest Loser'

...on Livingit (Tuesday's 9pm). Now THAT's how you do 'The Biggest Loser'.

Sob stories a plenty: everyone in my family died so I ate; I'm the fattest man in the world and I'm only 31, no girlfriend, no family etc; We were so poor, we ate coal for dinner and we wore the one shoe our family owned on a rotational basis. OK, I made some of that up, but you get the general drift....

Michael, it doesn't matter how big you are, there
 really is no excuse for that hair..

We had none of the British stoicism; nobody being sensible and admitting it was there own fault (there was even a bloke who reckoned he was cursed!); people bursting into tears in pretty much every scene, even people who aren't contestants! (Side note: the biggest guy, Michael, was 526 lbs, which is just under 38 stones. So nowhere near Britain's fattest man, Paul Mason at his heaviest. Interesting observation: Michael was out there  participating in challenges, meanwhile back in Ipswich, Paul now 37 stones, claims he can't walk. Mmmm, bit of a malingerer maybe? I digress). Michael 'threw down' tonight, indicating that he is going to try and break the record for the most weight loss in the shortest period of time (100lbs in 7 week), see the pic below, looks like he may have done it. I'll be watching that with interest.

A man who views the world the same at fifty...

...as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life"
Muhammad Ali

Not quite 50 yet? There's still time to make the required changes...


The Biggest Loser UK - So what did we think?

There was a 22 stone woman on "The Biggest Loser UK" and I was watching whilst scoffing a cheese sarnie. Suddenly, I didn't feel particularly hungry anymore...(but it proves that I can do irony. No? Oh well...). I was worried it would pale in comparison to the US version. Despite the humiliating ritual of the weigh in, whilst wearing lycra, (props go to all of the contestants for agreeing to that by the way, I am a fraction of the size of these people and there isn't enough money in the world that would get me on TV similarly attired...), I was right, we're just not as good at tugging at the heart strings over here, as they are in the good old US of A. Davina is OK (better than Kate Garaway, but then...) but not as 'sincere' as her counterpart on the US show, Alison. The prize money is only £25,000 as compared to $100,000 in the US and whilst the female trainer did  actually swear at one of the contestants, neither trainer was a fierce as Jillian and Bob...
Jillian, Alison and Bob

Where was the schamaltzy (sp?) music that accompanies the contestants bios? Why were the contestants not in floods of tears as they explained the accidents of fate that caused them to gain weight? None of this was in evidence, instead we had a bunch of people admitting it was all their own fault and they were here to ensure they sorted themselves out. Whilst this allows you to admire them for making the effort, it's not exactly great TV.  All that said, I will be following their progress with interest (from my sofa with a glass of red wine), because I am a sucker for any show with "The Biggest Loser" in the title.

"Episodes" - I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt

I had big plans to love "Episodes", the new show with Matt LeBlanc that premiered on BBC2 tonight. 10pm found me alert, in front of the TV, red wine to the left and munching the remnants of my Biggest Loser UK conciliatory cheese sarnie, prepared to enjoy. It kind of fell flat...

So the premise of the show was that writers, of a Bafta award winning UK show, are lured to the US by a producer who hadn't actually seen the show and had big plans to Americanise it. Including replacing the marvellous Richard Griffiths, as Headmaster of a fictional public boarding school, with Matt LeBlanc. Who didn't even appear in the episode by the way. I understand why, the writers of "Episodes" were setting the scene for things to come, but it was still a bit of a disappointment. The central characters (other than Matt) are meant to be husband and wife, but the Chemistry between them (or lack thereof) was akin to two people that had just met. I don't know why, but I found them more than a little annoying...

So why bother give it another go? Moments of brilliance such as:

America producer to the English Script writers: "Do you know what my fantasy is". English wife: "I'm going to guess, either shoes or nuns?"


English wife: "My grandmother used to grow Loganberries...every summer we'd pick them and make Jam..."
American Producer: "F@ck. My Grandmother lives in Morristown New Jersey and hates Black people."

We'll see....

Dancing on Ice, the first Six

Ok, who watched Dancing on Ice last night?  I wasn't expecting much, particularly from Mr.Ice.... I am eating my words, Mr. Ice was hot, hot, hot!!! Kerry was also a lot better than expected. The real star though was Laura and her ending up in the bottom 3  proves that DOI, like Strictly before it is going to be a popularity contest as opposed to an Ice dance contest. Surprised? I'm not!! Back to Mr Ice, my new favourite skater :-)

"I figured that if I said it enough

I would convince the world that I really was the greatest." Muhammad Ali. 
Ok, THAT'S where I've been going wrong...

Stop Press!!!!! Freddie Flintoff vs The World

OK, uexpected reality show. Freddie Flintoff (in LYCRA ladies, yes LYCRA there is a God) 25 Jan on ITV4. All other reality shows are cancelled in my mind, in favour of this :-)  Basicallly, Freddie travels across the USA taking on a series of extreme sporting challenges – drag racing,  swimming with sharks etc vs retired sporting heroes. I for one, can't wait....



Why is Adrian Childs interesting and funny on "That Sunday Night Show" (pauses to watch advert for Freddie Flintoff vs the World...again...) and "Apprentice You've Been Fired", but akin to watching paint dry on Daybreak and any Football programme? The Red Wine I was drinking possibly?


Right then, so what are we going to watch in 2011?

First up I believe is Dancing on Ice, which starts tonight. The usual crop of Z listers (including of course, Kerry Katona, who certainly scrubs up well!) with a couple of surprises, notably Vanilla Ice! Does this mean he’s planning a come back? I sincerely hope not, he was bad enough the first time around…

The show appears to have shed a couple of judges, but sadly Emma Bunton isn’t one of them, so she’ll be back adding nothing constructive to the mix.

America’s Next Top Model (don’t even bother to protest, I KNOW you all watch it). 16 of the stupidest women in the US led by , the equally silly, Tyra, who if she was a man, would be a combination of Louie Spence and Lily Savage. “Smize” everyone….. All trying to convince us that standing around in expensive clothes, in fabulous locations getting your picture taken is really hard work. Yeah right…the real reason I watch it, is because you know that if you put that many women in one house for any length of time, the cat fighting will kick off. Series after series, irrespective of country, I am not disappointed. Anyway, ANTM starts today at 5pm on living - it's already series linked on Sky in my house!! The British version is on in the Summer. 


Britain's Fattest Man - Cautionary Tale or Freak Show?

Paul Mason at pre his Gastric bypass at 58 stone
So last night, whilst still valiantly struggling against Manflu (I'll be milking this for a while, get used to it), I inadvertently stumbled upon the C4 documentary (and I use the term loosely..) "Britain's Fattest Man".  Worrying about the 4lbs (1.8 kg for the metric amongst you) that I had put over the festive period seemed, more than stupid when confronted by the surreal figure of 58 stone (368kg) Paul Mason.  Apparently he had eaten his way to that point as a result of the stress of looking after his invalid mother and then couldn’t stop himself. By the time of the documentary he had been bed bound for a decade and was costing the nation countless thousands of pounds in around the clock carers and other related expenses.


Didn't it just......

So did you make any New Year's Resolutions?

So still struggling valiantly (valiantly I tell you…) with Man flu, as a result, I have had some time to ruminate over potential New Years resolution.  No I haven’t made any yet, isn’t there a rule that says you have the entire month of January to refine them? No? Well there is now… I realised I couldn’t think of anything interesting to resolve, so I decided to do what I always do when I have too much time on my hands, google it.

So what did I learn? Well for a start, the entire world is as unoriginal as I am, (more on that later). I also learned about the origins of New Year’s Resolution. For a lengthy explanation click here but in summary it was the Romans. The only people in history (apart from the Greeks) who appear to have had more time on their hands than me.  You may, or may not, be aware of all of the many God’s they worshiped (for long list, click here), but one of the main guys was Janus.


This tickled me

Nothing to do with anything, but I could imagine myself messing around on those stairs...