For Fans of Strictly - Mad, Hot, Ballroom

If you haven't already seen this documentary, you MUST watch it -  it's amazing. It follows several New York Junior schools, whilst they teach the children to ballroom dance and compete in a city wide competition. It's largely told from the children's perspective, they reveal titbits about their lives (not all rosy) and at times are quite funny. The best thing about it is watching the children transform from extreme reluctance to join in, to being determined to do well/win.  I believe the point of it is to show the importance socially of that type of scheme, but it's not at all 'preachy'. It's sweet and funny and you find yourself really rooting for some of the little blighters!!! I watched it a couple of years ago when it was screened on TV in the UK, with a cynical teenager to my right... she loved it!!! What better recommendation is there? Best of all, there is actually some really good dancing, (Widdie, eat your heart out) - So if you're a fan of merengue, rumba, tango etc, put it on your Christmas list. Trailer below.

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