Fix Factor the Results - The Fat Lady has sung now, so basically it's all over.

More miming from the guests again this week, Heaven forbid they might reveal a bit of talent on a talent show. I was especially disappointed with Alexandra, who can actually sing. Why not show us why you won last year Alexandra?  No, it makes more sense to turn up in the outfit Mary wore for the Hero's song, mime theatrically and end the whole thing suspended in mid air, with what appeared to be a surfeit of toilet paper trailing below you???  Oh and what was with the suspended violinists? Alexandra, thought everyone was a winner - she had to though, as she is signed to Cowell's record label.

The Black Eyed Peas were embarrassingly awful, in fact I thought for a moment it was the contestants group song. They are all a bit long in the tooth for that nonsense now - somebody tell them to stop. Surprise, surprise, Will-I-Am thought Cole's girls were the favourite to win. Perhaps he was aware of the travesty that was about to occur? Or maybe he just fancies Cheryl...

I am about to lose what little credibility I like to pretend I had..by admitting that I quite like Glee (despite not being a teenage girl or Gay. Or even a Gay teenage girl). I felt cheated by them though, miming like the rest of the contestants and not very well either. Also, does their wardrobe mistress (are they still called that?) not understand that one style does not fit all? That gold lamé outfit on the large girl, not a good look...

So as I understood it, this week was supposed to be exclusively down to the public. No intervention from the judges, no sing off.  I am so naive...I forgot that the plan was, it would be a public vote unless Daddy Snow looked like she would come bottom. In which case it switches to judges intervention and a sing of. It's all clear now.

Anyway Becks, Matt, One Direction through. So that left Mary and Snow to sing off. Mary sang 'It's a Man's World" not as well as she did it the first time.  I didn't think it was possible for any organism, other than an Anaconda, to open it's mouth that wide, it was terrifying. She was however better than Snow who on yesterday's show, snarled at  Danny that she 'doesn't do ballads', then inexplicably did a ballad. (Mmm, I wonder if that was on the back of all of the feedback indicating that she should have done a ballad...)  Mary, so won the sing off,  despite not wringing out as as many tears as Snow managed to.  At that point, I wasn't at all worried (did I mention that I am naive?) I figured that Cole/Cowell would vote for Snow, the other two would vote Mary and then the result will be down to the public as it rightly should be. 

I didn't count on Dani, previously the voice of reason on the judging panel, completely selling out.  Her excuse? She was going for the one who was a mixture of 'vulnerability and confidence'. The real reason? She has to follow instructions, she has a new baby to support and can't afford to lose her job. (OK, I don't know for a fact that's the real reason, but it sounds pretty plausible to me...)

The 'confident' Cher appeared again on the Xtra Factor, "any of us can win it" she squeaked. The voice of a person who despite being up against 3 acts who have never been in the bottom 2, feels secure in the knowledge that Cowell has her back.


  1. Dani - a major disappointment. I guess this is the beginning of the end for X-Factor - one more series to go - or maybe they are just being tactical, trying to keep us vexed and watching in anticipation of the week the 'rapper' gets voted off. Remembering how ‘old’ Cowell is – I wonder if he really ‘believes’ this girl has talent, of any kind. OMG, he’s losing his touch obviously.

  2. I think as far as he's concerned, no publicity is bad publicity. I can't believe he actually thinks that child is any good....