The Family - nice but more than a little bit boring

Tonight's episode focused on Ola's summer holiday, or lack thereof and Ayo's continuing attempt's to prove what a terrible rapper his is. You can stop now Ayo, really, we are all convinced, but we'll come back to that...

So, Ola is made to work in the family business during her school holidays. In theory, this isn't a bad thing as, as summarised by Vicky: "if she want's good things, she has to work for them". By her own admissions she likes to shop and didn't seem to begrudge working per se, but to expect her to work everyday is more than a tad unreasonable.  Give the poor girl a day off people! To add insult to injury, Julie bullied her a bit, Mum and Dad told her off unnecessarily and it was implied that she didn't get to spend anytime with her friends. Olu, (the younger brother, who thus far we have seen very little of) indicated that she is always counting the days until she can go back to school when she comes home on holiday. Frankly, I can't say that I blame her. On the upside and in a shift of paradigm that I really wasn't expecting, Julie was actually NICE to Ola!!  No need to get too excited about that though as the preview of next week's show suggests that she reverts to her usual modus operandi, (i.e. loco), next week.

Ayo had a big gig this week and spent many days rehearsing for it.  Despite that, he was still awful.  I won't bore you with a comprehensive rehash of his 'rhyming' (if you're that interested go to http://realitytvarmchair.blogspot.com/2010/11/family-single-black-male.html, but seriously, I wouldn't bother), but "All he wanted was a jump start, black stereotype" cannot go unmentioned. What on earth is he on about? 

Cut to Ayo and another member of Team Starvin' (his crew), so named I assumed, because they would never see a hot meal again, if they were relying on their rapping to pay for food...The audience, as I was,  were distinctly underwhelmed... One girl appeared to be reading her email, other audience members looked either confused, bored or a combination of the two. Ayo's post show summary was that they got an "OK response. It wasn't the best response, but it was better than some people that were there." I would assume on that basis, that the other "people that were there" were so bad that the audience bludgeoned them to death in order to make it stop. That would at least explain the lethargy exhibited by the audience whilst listening to 'Team Starvin', they had no energy left after that. Unfortunately, Ayo is convinced that he's good and that he "will succeed, no matter what anybody says" (potential X Factor 2011 contestant possibly?). I've said it once and I'll say it again, Ayo should definitely not give up his day job..

So in summary, nothing much happened, Ayo rapped badly, Julie looked miserable (modus operandi and all that...) and I was bored. Roll on next week.

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