The Family - Julie, a woman with serious issues....

Not content with terrorising her brothers and sisters, Julie is indiscriminate and quite happy to terrorise her parents too....At the top of the episode, she indicated that her parents had asked her to come home, rather than rent, until she was ready to buy a house. Bet they're regretting that now....

Either Julie upset the Editors and they are taking the opportunity to make her look like a complete lunatic or, as I suspect is the case, the girl has serious issues. In summary, she spent the episode: disrespecting her parents; disposing of other people's possessions at will; and not missing an opportunity to bully Ola. (I bet Ola can't wait to get back to school. Speaking of schools...whilst Ola seems like a lovely person, she also appears to be only marginally above the level of village idiot in terms of intelligence. I introduce the incident with the grapes in evidence here, if I were her parents, I think I'd be asking for my money back...)

She also cleans obsessively, as to be fair, she has since episode 1. She even admitted to being a "bit" obsessive - her definition of 'a bit' is very different from mine.  Like Father like Daughter to an extent, did you see how much time he spent obsessing over where to put the ironing board?!! The irony is that the house was bloomin' dirty and the rest of the family do seem to have a bit of a relaxed attitude to cleanliness... However, charging through the house like a lunatic screaming and abusing everyone isn't really the way to get people on side. I suspect some of the untidiness may be a silent protest re her behaviour.

She said at one stage that families should 'understand each other and have respect for each other' and yet doesn't practice what she preaches. Her family, who when all said and done, appear to be a very loving one, seem worn down and not a little bewildered, by her irrational behaviour.  The programme itself appeared to be suggesting that Julie’s behaviour was down to the cultural clash between her and her parents. I disagree - Ola, (in a rare show of intelligence), said “I think the cleaning is just an excuse." I think she may be right, Julie is clearly a unhappy and obviously directionless and  is taking it out on those closet to her. I really hope that this isn’t all clever editing, because at the moment, Julie appears to be a young woman in need of serious help.

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