The Family - Discord and sexism

So the focus of tonight's episode was the family business and Julie (as usual…), which apparently isn’t doing as well as a few years ago. The associated worry is causing tension in the family, particularly if people are not felt to be pulling their weight. Julie mentioned that the business had been put in her and Olu's name, but she didn't feel she had carte blanche to do as she felt with it. Cut to her arguing with her Dad (Julie arguing? Surprised, not....) She feels her Dad thinks “I should make the pies and serve people…I’m sorry, but I’m smarter than that.”  So smart in fact that when she was supposed to be working a shift at the shop a couple of episodes back, she stayed at home to clean… You can’t have it both ways Julie, you’re either in or your out.

Julie spent the entire episode arguing with and disrespecting her Dad (it was his turn after all, she has already done the rest of the family), ostensibly because he isn’t running the business the way she feels it should be run.  She of course would know better than the man who: (a) set the business up from nothing, with nothing; (b) actually bothers to turn up when he has a shift and thus would be in a better position to understand what is right for the business. Ayo hit the nail on the head when he told Julie , “You’re good at cleaning, but you’re not good at managing” “Managing what?” said Julie “Anything.” replied Ayo.  Basically, Julie may have the intelligence to run a business, though I can’t say I have seen any indication of that, but she definitely lacks the requisite people skills and frankly, the commitment required to be given that responsibility.

So Julie decided to leave the family business, because of her perceived lack of support from her Dad/family and go to Nigeria. Given her general attitude, I’m not sure why she thinks she will be more successful there, but I am not an authority, so shouldn’t really comment. For some reason Ayo was trying to talk her out of it. The way she’s behaved over the last few weeks, you’d think they’d all be relieved to see the back of her.

Couple of points to note:

We haven’t heard much from Olu over the last few episodes, after tonight, I’m not sure thats a bad thing: 'Women should be more submissive....’ What the hell is he on about?

Sunday said: “I am representing God in the house. Anything you do, if I don’t accept it, God doesn’t accept it, because I am representing God in that house.” Wow no wonder he was annoyed when Julie argued with him!

Sunday also mentioned, during a heated ‘discussion’ with Julie that he thought she would be better off with a white man, as she wouldn’t find a black man to put up with her. The implication being that white men are more accommodating of unreasonable behaviour than black men. I disagree, I think Julie is going to struggle to find any man, white, black or other(!), to tolerate her.

Last episode tomorrow, I hope she doesn't leave for Nigeria on a sour note....

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