'Club Classics' night on X Factor - I am (almost) too scared to watch

Just imagine what the Wagster could have done with this theme?!!! Tonight was always going to be dull without him. Having found out some of the song choices, I now know it will be MUCH duller than I had first thought...

  • Mary: Never Can Say Goodbye - Gloria Gaynor version  and ‘The Way We Were’ - Gladys Knight version. How is that a club classic???
  • One Direction: Only Girl In The World by Rihanna. To be honest, I thought that was by Gracie Fields, but that's probably me showing my age again..
  • Daddy Snow: 'Love The Way You Lie' Rihanna/Eminem (so not even a brief respite from the 'rapping') and 'Fight For This Love' by Cheryl Cole Club Classic?????? I suspect that Cloe is beginning to believe her own hype..
  • Becks: 'Amazing Grace' - Do we get the feeling Cheryl wants her to loose......' Show Me Love' by Robin S. Finally, an up tempo number - will this be her undoing...
  • Matt the Hat: No news on as yet, but no news is good news in this case :-)

In other news, it turns out that Becks can actually sing up tempo songs and the fact that she hasn't for the last few weeks is clearly an evil plot by Cole to hold her back and propel Snow to the fore. (Do we think I am starting to take this a tad too seriously? No, I don't think so either). I am introducing the video below as evidence...

Other fun X Factor related stuff found on the web (I think it's fun anyway...)

Finally, extremely tenuous link to X Factor, but it made me laugh!!

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