The campaign to ensure the X Factor doesn't get Christmas number 1 is hotting up. Options are:

John Cage's silent piece, 4'33'' - Basically, the performers sit there and do nothing for the entire piece. Conceptual art, not really for me but it is for a better cause than just to knock Cowell off of the top spot. What could be better than that? I hear you cry.. It's in aid of various charities, so actually not a bad way to spend a couple of quid at Christmas. (Plus you wont have to listen to whatever schmaltz it is that X Factor put out). People do seem to be getting behind it - see facebook for details.

The other option is less worthy, but knowing the British public (and the fact that the relevant has facebook page has gathered a lot more support alreay), far more likely to win....

The third option is that if Becks (because she's good), or One Direction (because they're only little) wins, we support them AND buy the John Cage thing to be good citizens.

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