We, (well actually David), have found a reality show that's WORSE than "The only way is Essex"!

"Trust me, I'm a beauty Therapist".  It appears to have been aired on Channel Five (which is probably why we've never heard of it) in 2006 or 2007.  Various Z list celebs were being taught how to be Beauty Therapists. The "celebs" included: Suzi Quatro (Oh how the mighty have fallen); Danny from the X factor "the groups" show that Suzanne Day and the one who's in Corrie now, were in; Stan Boardman (think that's his name);  plus a bloke who I think was in Grange Hill. Despite potentially memorable lines such as:
"I take beauty therapy very seriously...it's a profession"
"Oscar is being tested on his Chocolate wrap.. .Last time he tried this therapy, they had a blazing row" 
and the priceless
"...You did some fantastic work over the buttock area.."
...it was  truly awful. Clips on YouTube if you can't find any pins to stick in your eyes....


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