We all know I'll never get my act together....

...in time to actually send any of you Xmas pressies or cards... So here's what I would have sent if I was organised enough. Everyone know who each item applies to (don't pretend you don't....). Feel free to plagiarize my excellent gift ideas - my real present to you this xmas :-)

Get behind the lads. You know, our boys. The ones that have more representation globally than our politicians. The ones that never win anything.
20 minutes? It takes THAT long to read? Perhaps if you spend a long time looking at all the pretty pictures...

The intended recipient of this T - Shirt, knows who she is......

OK, the description associated with this t-shirt says: "Another classic t-shirt from the British satire site Daily Mash offering funny stories on news, politics and sport, an agony aunt column and polls." Their loss, they are missing 
out on the delicious irony that is the X Factor!

It's not that we condone excessive drinking. It's just that Daily Mash do...........alright, we like it a little bit. Maybe a bit too much...........what was I talking about?

And these are the cards that you would have got, if I could get my act etc....

I love the Daily Mash!! No they're not paying me (I am a fool to myself...) and you can buy all of this stuff here: http://dailymash.shotdeadinthehead.com/Default.aspx?cat=28

Also, for additional Reality TV related reading, please see the interesting and extremely informative article,  recently posted on the Daily Mash:  APPRENTICE CONTESTANTS TO RUN IRISH ECONOMY

(See also, the completely random William and Kate: Eight years of doing it, hilarious! Especially the "Royal engagement newspaper bullshit round-up" at the end!!)

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