Urgent Recall re X Factor

Yesterday, I believe I said something along the lines of Matt the Hat having put on a great performance and that he should win etc. Well I caught a bit of the repeat on Sunday and realised that he wasn't THAT great after all. He was OK, but there was a lot more high pitched screeching than I had remembered. Perhaps my standards were just so much lower having heard the contestants prior to him? In retrospect, I think I may have been busy staunching the bleeding from my ears post Aiden's performance and thus didn't feel the full effect of Matt’s. So basically, Wagner or better still Beat Boxing Bing to win X Factor.

Simon proved that at 50, he really is losing touch with what young people want to hear, voting for the person he thought people would really want to see again next week -  Katie the Transvestite??? If we really wanted to see her Simon, she wouldn't consistently be in the bottom 2. Every. Single. Week. Simon???  Mind you, what do I know? I think Cher and Aiden should be locked up and banned from singing in public once they are deemed to be safe to re-enter society.  Despite this, people keep voting for them. Who are these people??? The same ones that keep buying Cheryl's records presumably....

This weekend wasn't all bad news for music lovers, the threat of the release of  Lola's single (Mark's sister's group from the only way is Essex) was not realised. Don't become complacent though people, they were practising on last nights episode, so it's clear the threat isn't a completely idle one...

In other news, Arg (we like Arg), had to select, from several bikini clad girls, someone to hold the signs up at Mark's impending boxing match. His little face as he watched the parade of arses... was a picture. "I could do this for a living" he drooled (bless).

Amy had a brief foray into internet dating, but a reply from a 95 year old put an end to it. Sam organised a double date with two of the guys who'd modelled during Essex Fashion week. "You're quite intelligent for a glamour model" one of them said to Sam.  "Yes I am” she said. Though clearly not quite intelligent enough to recognise a veiled insult when she hears one... Amy revealed that she didn't know where North London is (she did say she was bad at Geography...) "I didn't know what to say!" said her bemused date. He wisely decided to say nothing and continued to stare at her fake boobs.

Not nearly enough Nanny Pat in the episode, ITV2 helpfully have a NP deleted scene Nov 8th | Story So Far | The Only Way Is Essex | ITV2 | Channels - ITV.com Finally, it's seems as if Mark is doing the dirty on, the still very orange, Lucy, with large Lauren. None of which bodes well for his boxing match with Kirk, who has wisely "not even cracked one off" (charming) over his new squeeze, as he is in training.

Oh and it was still very boring.

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