Uncomfortable viewing on 'The Family' tonight

Vicky and Sunday were away in Nigeria for a funeral (having a lot more fun that you're supposed to at that sort of event, but that's another story). Vicky wasn't at all worried, convinced as she was, that the children were responsible and that Ayo, the "surrogate Dad" would keep things in check. Meanwhile back at the ranch...Ayo was masterminding a house party that seemingly every young person in London was invited to. "My sister invited people on facebook...400 people are coming...As long as the house doesn't get ruined" everything will be OK, he grinned. Cut to scenes of devastation the next morning..which, to be fair to them, it seems they did a good job of clearing up. I wouldn't mind but (a) these people are not teenagers, Ayo is 28 and Julie is 25. Just because you are still living at home at that age, is no excuse to act like a 14 year old (b) They were being filmed, did they not think their parents would find out??? Ayo couldn't resist the opportunity to rap, badly. This week he was "black, living on crack" or something along those lines. Mmmmm.... I tell you what, "I'm old and if the truth be told. All these fake rappers are getting right on my knackers..." (Ayo and Daddy Snow, take note of just how stupid that sounds....) I suppose all's well that ends well, but presumably Mum and Dad, having seen the footage by now, will think twice before leaving their two, (maturity free) eldest children in charge again...

The "uncomfortable" bit was Julie's constant bullying of her younger sister Ola. She justified it as "making sure she was happy". She wasn't bullying her at all, she was just giving her help and advice. Advice in the form of calling her fat and lazy, dictating when she could eat and reducing her to tears at every available opportunity. To be fair, she attacked her brothers whenever the opportunity arose too, but the majority of her venom was directed towards Ola. At one point, she conceded that "she's 15 and I'm 25 and I shouldn't really be having arguments with her". However, the fact that poor Ola had the temerity to answer back/try to defend herself on occasion, was justification for her to continue the unreasonable behaviour.

Julie herself revealed what is probably the real motive for her behaviour, jealously. Ola, unlike her elder siblings is being educated privately and Julie (this seasons Emily Hughes?) commented that "it would have helped" if she could have had the same opportunity. I'm not sure what if anything, we, the viewers, were supposed to learn from this spectacle, but I hope it causes Julie to take a long hard look at her behaviour. Despite last night's, not particularly imaginative excuses, she will find herself wanting. So after terrorising, everyone really, at the end of the episode Julie claimed that her sister and brothers are her "best friends". If that's how she treats her best friends, I'd hate to be her enemy....

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