Funny "First Dance" videos

Bit of a phenomenon in the U.S. this. I like these ones:

This one because of the kids

Not certain this young lady's parents would have been over the moon to learn that their "baby's got back", but it is quite funny!

Personally, I think this was just an excuse for the bride to get her kit off, there was really no need for her leotard to be THAT small... More importantly though, how on earth did she get her brothers to agree to do it?!!

The start of this one interesting as it looks like the bride's just finished giving her husband a lap dance. Despite that she looks embarrassed to be dancing with her Dad??? Anyway, Dad totally steals the show!! I don't know anyone's Dad who can dance like this - Go Dad, go Dad!

This pair are just showing off...!


  1. Nicky - the girl in the Beyonce video looks like YOU! Did you set up an entire wedding charade so you could do that dance? Or dd you actually get married without telling us?

  2. What the Single Ladies video??? I can only WISH I looked that good in a leotard....!