The first episode of "The Family" tonight and I think I am going to like it.

The family are led by Nigerians, Vicky and Sunday (so named because he was born on a Sunday!) and they seem to be nice, decent people. They have 4 children, who all live at home and everyone is perfectly happy about that. The children have the usual petty squabbles that sisters and brothers do, but are clearly very close. 

Tonight's episode centred on the preparations for Sunday's 60th birthday. Vicky, who for my money will be the star of this show, appeared to be organising it single-handedly, whilst: making a special birthday cake; sorting the family out; making sure the "celebrant" as she called him(!) was happy; and presumably (though we didn't see it) working in the family's Nigerian restaurant/takeaway. Mum's got moves too! There was a lot of booty shaking going on in tonight's episode and it did not go unappreciated by Sunday...! All this was done whilst managing to look considerably younger than her 52 years - not a wrinkle in sight (life is not fair...) Mum power!!!
A great example of just how powerful this woman is, is that she managed to get 5 black people out of the house ON TIME.  She said 10.15, they were ready at 10.15! Black people all over the country will be writing in for her secret - I know I will!!!
Sunday has definitely led by example and as a result appears to have instilled a good work ethic and family values in his children, who are all extremely proud of their Dad:

Ayo the eldest son on his Dad:
"Dad is my hero, he came over here with nothing, now we have restaurant".  
"If more people had his attitude, the world would be a better place... It would be a less emotional place...Might not be much kissing and hugging going on, but things would get done!!"
 Ola the younger son on his Dad:
 "...What he's doing on a daily basis is an example of his love for us ... He's not doing it for himself, he's going it for everyone else".
Not sure I'll be  blogging about the family because frankly, I think I am going to love them and I really don't want to have to say anything mean. 

OK, if I MUST say one mean thing.... The eldest son Ayo has aspirations of becoming a rapper (what with him AND Daddy Snow on X Factor, this could become a bit irritating...) an example of his rhyming skills:  "I used to smoke bare trees, no wonder I never had any peas" Ayo needs to stick to his day job....

Next week looks like it could be interesting, the children are organising a house party whilst the parents are on holiday. I suspect they will not come away unscathed....

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