The Family - Single Black Male

Ayo was in the spotlight tonight and apart from the rapping (more of that later...) he seems to be a really lovely guy. Ayo is keen to have a relationship, is internet dating and looking for the right girl. (His online profile sounded so sweet). He mentioned that he loved his 'chocolate ladies' (how cute??) and that he was enjoying dating lots of nice girls. (OK some nice girls, but he said it very politely!) He also mentioned that he found it really hard to commit because of a previous, serious, relationship that he had, that had ended badly. The young lady in question got pregnant for another man and pretended that it was his. They split up, but he never really got over her and has kept in contact. Towards the end of the episode, Ayo dropped his bombshell, he 'may' still want to see her. Mum (to be fair, as any Mum in that situation would be) was NOT amused. A touch of racism reared its ugly head (yes, black people can be racist too...): his parents want him to be with a nice "Nigerian girl", but Ayo likes Jamaicans. Unfortunately, the lady who deceived him was a Jamaican, but Ayo, lovely man that he is, seems able to forgive her. Not so Mum....

Sadly, Ayo decided he needed to write a song about it. Deep, deep sigh and so to the 'rapping'. Can somebody stop him??? Please??? Examples of Ayo's lyrics:
"Mum, you're gonna be proud of your son" (repeat until you get bored of saying it)
"Black is a circle and less of a line" ?????
My personal favourite "ner, ner, ner, ner, ner full of, ner, ner, ner, ner, ner Smirnoff" Deep, deep, deep, deep, sigh
"no one likes a cock block" Errrrr, I agree???
Olu, the younger brother, indicated that Ayo's rapping used to be quite good but now "he's pushing it a bit and the quality has started to go down a bit". Perhaps that explains it....

Rapping aside, Ayo came across as a really lovely young man. Ladies of his target age group (19 - 35), get yourselves on match dot.com, there's a bit of a gem out there looking for love. (Watch out for Mum though..)

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