Be still my beating heart. Might we actually get rid of Daddy Snow tonight?

What was I thinking? Of course not...

25 minutes into the results show and there was still no word as to who was out. In my head, I was wondering why they didn't just avoid the panto that would have been the sing off with Katie the post op transsexual and just tell Page to leave there and then. (The assumption being that it would be Katie the post op transsexual bottom and Page as this weeks sacrificial lamb.)

Then in a shock move, the producers rigged up a different ending in order to support the fallacy that people actually like Katie the post op transsexual. Katie the post op transsexual was the first act through??? (So clearly, singing her survival song on Saturday is the way forward for her....I was speechless (briefly). Who voted for her? 'Fess up, someone out there is the cause of us being tortured by her on a weekly basis). Daddy Snow was in the bottom two. At last!!!!!! For a fleeting moment, I allowed myself to hope that we might actually see the demise of Daddy Snow. Even Daddy Snow looked worried (the Producers clearly hadn't let her in on it).

Page, who as per the Producers evil plan was also in the bottom two, went first and put in an amazing performance. Despite that, we knew the judges had no intention of saving him. I wish Page had left with his dignity and just refused to sing....

Unlike Katie the post op transsexual, Daddy Snow clearly didn't have a survival song prepared (the arrogance of the child...) and resorted to screeching out "Stay" (which she did on Fright night), sans rap. "Sans rap", surely a dangerous strategy? That's what got her in the bottom two in the first place wasn't it? Possibly she's as fed up of hearing herself "rap" as we are?

Anyway, she went on, as expected, to prove that she didn't come close to Page in the singing stakes, yet true to form, Simon saved her. Cheryl and Danny voted for their acts as expected, so it was left up to Louis to decide. In my naivety, I expected Louis to take it deadlock, but he was clearly in on the Producer's plans. The studio audience were shouting for him to vote for Page - they clearly hadn't been informed of that part of the plan... Despite saying how wonderful Page was, Louis voted for Daddy Snow. (Side note: who will Louis compare to the last two black men he knows now?)

Cut to the Xtra Factor, where the audience booed the Wagster, (on queue from the Producers I suspect). The Wagster's response?

"A soldier like a samurai (sp?) is always ready for the worst"
"I am with God so who is against me?"
The Wagster 21 Nov 2010

The Wagster is officially my hero! Surely, the campaign for the Wagster to win needs to be stepped up a pace now, (if for the samurai statement alone!)? The poetic justice, if Simon were to be forced to market and manage him for an entire year :-) Wagster from Dudley, we salute you.

Before I close, I need to mention the nations two newest sweethearts (move over Cole, that was all just media hype):

Vicky from Bracknell, who called on yesterday's Xtra Factor to say that: Katie is rubbish; the country hates her; and she definitely needs to go this week. Louis shouted at her, the studio audience booed her (on queue.) Poor misguided Vicky from Bracknell called again tonight to reiterate her point. Louis shouted at her, the studio audience booed her (on queue), but she stood firm. Vicky from Bracknell, we salute you.

Laura from London, who on tonight's Xtra Factor, called Cheryl on her extreme unprofessionalism, tackling Wagner on live TV about comments he allegedly made in the paper (see Saturday's blog for details http://realitytvarmchair.blogspot.com/2010/11/its-beatles-week-on-x-factor.html). Cheryl could learn a thing or two about being gracious and conceding defeat from Page, a boy who is barely out of his teens. (Extremely dignified speech on learning his fate, go "Paije"! Thought I'd let him have that one given the circumstances....) She was unrepentant and came across as a bit of a twat really, Laura from London stood firm. Laura from London, we salute you.

Side note: Brian mentioned that next week, the contestants would be singing 2 songs each. That's double Daddy Snow, basically my worst nightmare, or so I thought...until a friend mentioned that it was also ABBA week. If that is true, then we will be witness to the brutal murder of 14 Abba songs (is that even legal??) THAT is my worst nightmare...

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