X Factor the Results - this show is just stupid.

It's official, I am now old - I know this because I found myself enjoying the group song at the top of the X Factor (not sure whether  Cee-Lo would have felt the same but....his original version is (if you're interested) on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSSec0wbBs4). I thought everyone, except Wagner (yes even Katie the transvestite & Cher) sounded really good!  Micheal Bublé was sublime as always, Cheryl came as a 19th century hooker and lipped synched her way through her, very boring, new song. Then the real madness began...

Cher, Aiden, Wagner and Katie all through?? Deep, deep, deep, deep sigh. That meant that the person who would eventually leaving would definitely be someone who could sing. That someone would either be John or Tracey, two of the best vocalists in the competition. To be honest I was tempted to root for Tracy to go because of the way she spells her name ('TreyC') but I realised that would be shallow. So John got the boot, probably, let's be honest, because of the new hairdo.  Neither of them should have been in the bottom two - bring back John and Beat Boxing Bing (the Advert was noticeable by it's omission in the ad breaks. Do you think the Producers realised he is more exciting that any of the acts and pulled it?) -  and get rid of Cheryl (and the stylists) - this show is just stupid.


  1. As soon as I heard the opening lines to Zoom, I knew he would be in trouble! Are Louis and Simon just focussing on one if their acts each? Mary and One Direction? John was a bit dull but a lovely voice, and unfortunately this means we have to put up with Cher the Dog, Aiden the Cat and Belle Amie the Hyenas for another week! And Maybe if we're lucky, Katie will give us a rendition from Beauty and the Beast this week!

  2. If we're lucky? Am still reeling from the "jungle book'... I just want it to be over...

  3. "The only way is Essex" is class TV compared to "Trust Me I'm a Beauty Therapist" aired in 2006 on Channel 5. I think I only cught one episode,, but that was the one where they had to invent and perform their own special style of waxing for ladies.

    Basic description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trust_Me_-_I%27m_A_Beauty_Therapist
    Video clip:

    OMG - I just watched the clips....