I am 'a quiver' with anticipation

So, on tonight's episode of The Apprentice apparently, the candidates have to set up and run a bakery. Crumbs! I am a quiver with anticipation!!  Am thoroughly  looking forward to the ineptitude and incompetence that will doubtless ensue. (Which probably says an awful lot about my social life, why am I not out engaging in intelligent discourse with like minded people (i.e. boozing) of an evening instead of stuck in front of the TV watching nonsense? I digress...) I am also hoping that Stuart the Brand get's his comeuppance - he has been around 3 episodes too long...

I know I said I wouldn't, but I did watch some of Sunday's episode of "The only  Way is Essex" (mainly because my daughter insisted). It was worse than appalling (apart from Mark's Nan - who is literally one fag away from sounding JUST like Dot Cotton and MUST have her own show). I suffered through: a series of very orange woman talking nonsense (none of them are Dutch as far as I can tell, there's no excuse); a one sided discussion (daughter talking, me ignoring) about how good Amy the beautician's (whose ambition is to be bigger than Jordan) boob job is and; more talk of Essex fashion week "We want Essex fashion week to really take off." said the misguided promoter (one of the "two twins") "We want people from Milton Keynes, Liverpool..." Seriously???  

Just when I began to believe it could get no worse, the conversation turned to an@l bleaching. Yes my friends, I did actually say "an@l bleaching". I decided enough was enough at that point....


  1. I watched Apprentice live and at least the right guy went out.

    Essex? Life is too short to watch that. And where do you get the time to write this...?