Karl did not disappoint!

Karl was sent to Egypt, to see the pyramids and the hilarity ensued. I don't know what I am going to do when this show is over. (Get a life possibly? Not while The Apprentice is still on!) At the top of the episode Karl was packing all of his travel essentials: toilet roll; Jaffa Cakes; Twix(!!) What? No Monster Munch?!! 

Gervais, (who's presence is the only thing I dislike about this show...) deliberately booked him an awful room. Karl's view on his room: "Got another Mossie bite. It's well itchy that one. I think it's the same Mossie, it's in the room more than the cleaners"!

After running the gauntlet of vendors in an Egyptian street: "I'm not that hungry at the moment. I was back there, but I've sort of gone off of food a little bit".  "Can't use this road as a short cut. It can't be a short cut, 'cause you keep getting stopped every two seconds." An extremely old lady walks past him. "I bet she left the 'ouse when she was 10".  I am still laughing about that line!!

Whilst waiting for a surprise meal that a restaurateur was cooking for him: "I've never experimented that much with food. I didn't have Pasta until I was 21 or 22". Post the said meal: "Normally on a Monday night you know, I'll have a little bit of lamb that's left over from Sunday or something. And yet, you know, this Monday: c@ck and b@llocks; couple of eyes; bit of tongue for garnish. I never thought I'd be saying that". I love this guy! "I didn't say it was delicious, you put words in my mouth along with other things..."
Discussing the situation with Ricky later: "When in Rome, I'm happy to go along with it. I'll eat Pasta, but when in Egypt, they don't say do they, when in Egypt, have a b@llock for lunch."

Surveying all of the litter around the pyramids, wind whips up and rubbish starts flying around: "You don't see that in the brochure do you? Sh*tty old nappy whizzing along. They tend to leave that out".

On the pyramids: "It's like a game of Jenga that's got out of hand isn't it".

Whilst 'meditating' with an odd couple who believe the pyramids were built by extra terrestrials,  one of them starts making a very strange noise. Cut to Karl with a very wary look on his face: "It's at times like this when I think, I used to have a proper job, what am I doing 'ere?" Quality TV!

An excerpt from the Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington:

"I was told how it was only one of the Pyramids that was a Wonder of the World, even though there are three of them, which is odd, as they all look the same. It's the Great Pyramid that's the official Wonder. I'd be annoyed if I was the builder who built one of the other two if my workmate was getting all the praise for building the 'Great One'. It wouldn't surprise me if it was one of the other builders who knocked the nose off the Sphinx in anger after hearing that news."

I have the book now - it arrived yesterday - I opened it on a random page read a section and as expected, it was hilarious. It is also very well written, so unless it's been heavily doctored, he's not such and idiot... In any event, he needs to keep doing this for a while. I refuse to believe Sky will let him disappear into obscurity post this series. 

India deleted scenes - not sure why this was left out! http://sky1.sky.com/an-idiot-abroad-india-deleted-scenes


  1. I need to find this programme! Sounds hilarious!

  2. Skyplayer. Watch it, I promise you won't be disappointed!