I have been instructed to start watching "The Spin Crowd"

It's part of my Daughter's Sunday night "must see TV" viewing schedule, as a result I have been avoiding it like the plague.  A friend of mine insists it's great, I have my misgivings as his taste in Reality TV seems to coincide with my daughter's (both of them have gone off "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" since Kendra et al left. I don't even want to begin to go there.......) For those of you who are interested in sharing my pain, apparently, it's produced by Kim  Kardashian (cue the noise they make on Family Fortunes when a contestant gets a question wrong) and is about a bunch of people who work in a Hollywood PR firm. I'm hating it already and I haven't even seen it yet...


Bit of a problem... It clashes with "The Only Way is Essex", what to watch?????

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