I couldn't resist it - started reading Karl's diary.

Excerpts from the  chapter on Brazil and Christ the Redeemer:
'Fear no anticlimax: climbing the statue is a stunning experience by day and nothing short of miraculous by night.' The Rough Guide to Brazil
'I think the other reason that makes Christ the Redeemer one of the Wonders is the setting.  I'm pretty sure if it was plonked on a roundabout in Stretford, it wouldn't get a look in". Karl Pilkington
Whilst in a helicopter flying around the statue: "I felt I had to say how good Jesus looked. Let's face it, while I'm whizzing round his head in a helicopter at high speed, he's the last person I want to slag off".

On a street party he attended and didn't enjoy: 'I would normally avoid things like this. I remember not enjoying the Queen's Jubilee street party when I was a kid. Scruffy Sandra ate loads of the trifle me mam had made and didn't bring anything to the party. This block party was worse. There was no trifle whatsoever'.

On lunch in a favela: "We went to a local cafe: The food was really, really tasty, but then I guess if your customers are coming in  with grenades, machine guns and rocket launchers you wouldn't want to serve them mush."

"It was grim. I sat on the dirty toilet and saw myself in the mirror.....There I was, wearing the Andy Pandy outfit and a stupid gormless hat. " (he was in a carnival costume) " How did it come to this?"

Excerpt from the chapter on India:

"When I was getting ready for my trip to India today, Luke the producer gave me a pack of 28 adult nappies. Not the usual going away gift is it?"

On the fact that everyone mentions "Dehli Belly" when talking of India:  "It must be a great place to open a restaurant. There's no comeback if a customer gets the sh@ts from eating your food - except, well,  'welcome to India'. It's as it is on the menu: starter, main course, pudding, coffee and then the sh@ts".

Bliss!! Where has this man been hiding? How can he have gotten to his mid thirties and remained undiscovered until now?  He seriously is the funniest person in the world, albeit unintentionally! (That said, I am not convinced he is an idiot. I think at some point in the future, we may discover he's pulled a fast one on us... Whatever, he's still funny!) I was listening to a Karl Pilkington Podcast on the train on the way into work on Friday (yes, it's official I am obsessed with this show) and he said he wouldn't do another series. Please tell me that's not true!!!! The nation needs this man and his musings to keep us all happy. I am going to start up a campaign to keep Karl Pilkington on our screens (as well as the  "Grime week on X Factor" campaign - I have just  watched the Xtra Factor and found out that Connie stole my idea,  mentioned it on Facebook last night. It's still a great one though - who wouldn't love to see Mary/Wagner performing Tiny Tempah's "Pass Out"??!!) Who's with me?!!

Wagner and Mary?

Tiny Tempah and the Bloke that sings on the track (What? I am far too old to remember everyone's names)?

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