Everyone should be watching "An Idiot Abroad'. Quality TV!

Karl Pilkington (the 'idiot' of the title) is just hilarious (unintentionally). Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant decided (at Sky's expense) to send him to see the seven wonders of the world on the grounds that he probably wouldn't like it.  Quite a lot of the time he doesn't(!) resulting in a genuinely funny travelogue,  that the likes of Michale Palin would kill to be able to produce. Karl is actually a bit of a star, wry observation made from the point of view of someone who is genuinely uninterested in leaving his own country, all delivered completely without irony. (For example, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil being described as, something his Aunty Rose "would have up next to her telly"). Apparently, there is a book to accompany the series - I'll be buying that as soon as it hits the shops.

He was in Mexico tonight where he spent the majority of the episode looking for  Mexican Jumping Beans. He'd seen them on Sesame Street when he was a "kid and always wanted to see one in real life".  Strangely, he failed to find one! Highlights included: 
  • Karl offering a Mexican family a packet of Monster Munch (after refusing to share their meal of Chillied Wasp Larvae, which to be fair, he did try to eat), to give them a new experience!! 
  • Karl on why he likes Monster Munch: "There's something about them that cheers you up, not only are they very tasty, but just having a little monster to look at to when you're fed up"!; 
  • When dressed up to train with a Wrestler (which was genuinely hilarious) 'I look like a right knob-'ead"; 
  • Deciding he had, had enough of Chechin-Itza and toying with pretending to faint to get a lift home in an ambulance (that happened to be there for a woman that had actually collapsed. "Oh, she's still alive, let's move on"); 
  • Karl on the meaning of Easter: "they don't have chocolate eggs here. For me that's what Easter is all about. You take the chocolate eggs away and it's...you know what I mean, it's Friday"!!  
  • On the Mexican tradition of having a Day of the Dead: "We don't have a day for death, but then we waste days dedicated to Pancake Tuesday. Why have we got a day for Pancakes?!" 
  • On meeting Some Charros (Mexican Cowboys): "Ricky sort of said to me he wants me to try on a Sombrero. Not sort of, broaden your mind, meet the local people or try new food. He just wants me to wear an 'at." 

An excerpt from the Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington:
"It's an odd one, the Chichen Itza. It was a place built by the original Mayan people and was known for sacrifices (Elton John sang a song called 'Sacrifice' – maybe that's why he's playing here) and ripping out people's hearts and cutting heads off. Not exactly Alton Towers, is it? So it's an odd thing to make into a tourist attraction. May as well start doing tours around Fred West's house if this is what people want."

My favourite quote though was during the Easter procession after the man who was playing Jesus hurt his leg and was receiving first aid: "It does sort of ruin the whole Jesus type image when you see a bloke from the St. John's ambulance rubbing a bit of Savlon on his leg".  

His conversations with his girlfriend Susanne are hilarious "I tell 'er I'm about to do some wrestling and she's says "Be careful..Now, how do you work the DVD?"!! I am hoping we get to see the elusive Susanne at some point. Tonight was episode 5 of 7, but if you haven't been watching, it's definitely worth catching up on Skyplayer.  Next stop Egypt....

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